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After months of preparation, WinkHUB, Kujira’s content hub, launched on November 10th, 2023. Since then, we have published over 30 meaty articles on a variety of topics. A few creators, including the Kujira team, love the platform so much that they have committed to using it for content.

Many different parts of the community have expressed interest. Up until now we’ve teased bits and pieces on Twitter spaces while polishing stuff behind the scenes. As things are coming together, we decided it’s time to put out some initial words from the team.

Welcome to WinkHUB, the content epicenter of the Kujira ecosystem. And perhaps, much more… 😉

Table of Contents

Why WinkHUB?

You probably have two burning questions:

1) Why did you create WinkHUB?

2) Is WinkHUB valuable?

Let us provide some context to satisfactorily answer both questions.

About Us

Kuji Kast

Danny and Maximus… (click on the triangle to expand the text)

Danny and Maximus have been staunch supporters of Kujira ever since its inception. Maximus was the first moderator in the official Kujira Telegram chat, long ago. The duo did very well for themselves on Terra, but like many others were devastated by the events of the $UST collapse in May 2022.

After seeing Kujira step up to make KUJI holders whole after one of the biggest black swans in history, Danny and Max committed to throw in their lot with Kujira somehow. Kuji Kast was born.

The brothers focused on community building and amplifying Kujira protocols. They started out by making videos. Later on, their light-hearted community Twitter spaces and in-depth founder interviews became a frequent occurrence.

They even flew down…

They even flew down to Portugal to shoot content for some Kujira ecosystem videos. This wasn’t enough to satisfy them though. They wanted to contribute more somehow. Enter the Kujira Senate.

Before we go on, let’s shift gears for a moment.

Daniel Lux

Daniel Lux initially joined Kujira…

Daniel Lux initially joined Kujira as a volunteer moderator back in January 2022, almost two months after launch. Kujira always stuck to its principles of sustainability and real-revenue even during the nutty peak bull market mania on Terra and the 20% Anchor APR they competed with. He wanted to contribute in his free time to help out a project he liked that clearly cared about its users.

At first, he answered people’s questions in chats, but over time created a simple subreddit and together with Jan created Instagram posts for Kujira (mini-articles with images explaining stuff about ORCA or BLUE) over several months.

The team didn’t know him very well at the time, as this was done as a volunteer. They later learned he is a Stanford graduate with a research background. After the Terra collapse, perhaps due to fortuitous timing, he was able to join and work for Kujira full time. Since then he’s been involved in many aspects of the Kujira ecosystem including validating, docs, articles, research, the Senate, etc.


The three of us familiarized ourselves with each other thanks to our weekly Senate meetings. Kuji Kast launched WinkHUB on their own. But after the Senate winded down, Daniel looked for something else to get heavily involved in on Kujira. It just so happened that he held $WINK and wanted to mainly focus on research and writing. Thus, he got heavily involved a few weeks ago.

And now here we are.

About WinkHUB


In Decentralized Finance, many projects offer similar products. In such a global space, what often differentiates a team is a combination of high quality communication and branding. Products built by developers are essential, but they are not the only important piece of the puzzle.

People talk about narratives, but where do those narratives spring from? Excellent written content and high-quality SEO can be the difference between a project’s life or death. When people research your project category, appearing in social media search results can determine your success or failure.

Until now Kujira has relied on Medium for all “official” copy. But as a content platform, despite its popularity, it has many shortcomings. It can be frustrating to write on and difficult to use because of various features that aren’t accessible or intuitive. Since it isn’t “our” website, there are also many SEO issues that stifle Kujira’s wider adoption. Good content brings users by being discoverable.

Content programming

WinkHUB allows us to amass a boatload of high-quality content feeding back into itself over time. This feedback loop spreads Kujira’s ethos and our ecosystem projects far and wide. We are designing a customized writing experience based around the widely adopted WordPress implemented as a headless content management system (CMS). This allows us to finetune and program what content creators can do with articles at a high level as if they were smart contracts.

The biggest implication of using a headless CMS is that our website is very secure. The frontend and backend are entirely separate. This will become increasingly important as more smart contract features are incorporated into the website. This gives us the flexibility and customization that platforms like Medium or Substack don’t allow for integrating DeFi.

Platform diversity

There are many types of successful content platforms: Television, YouTube, Netflix, OnlyFans, Patreon, Tiktok, Telegram, Reddit, etc. The consumption of salient content as a global population has only risen in recent years and due to the advent of AI will likely continue to skyrocket.

WinkHUB positions Kujira to make the most of its wider community. It’s a shared space for people to be involved and publish content, for high quality team articles, and for protocols to interface with the community in a way that naturally leads them to learn more about all the different aspects of Kujira.



The $WINK token is at the center of the WinkHUB ecosystem. 69 million tokens were birthed into existence at genesis on the Kujira layer one chain. Half meme, half legit, $WINK is the first of its kind.

$WINK launched on PILOT, a mechanism jointly built by the Fuzion and Kujira teams and inspired by the ORCA liquidation queue. This gamified approach to token launches allows teams to put tokens directly into the hands of the community in a fair manner while raising essential runway so they can commit themselves to building.

42.5% of the $WINK token supply was sold to the community for a total of $90,725 and added to our operational runway. The highest price paid was $0.005 (0% discount) while the lowest was $0.0027 (46% discount). The average price per $WINK was $0.0033. $4775 and 146,625 $WINK were distributed to KUJI stakers as protocol fees on the PILOT sale.

5% of the supply will incentivize liquidity on BOW. 15% of the supply is split between the team. The 15% of supply committed to operational costs will finance new team members, cover project infrastructure costs that keep us competitive, and help foot other costs to ensure WinkHUB is the best platform it can possibly be.

22.5% of the $WINK token supply went to the treasury. Danny said something about it jokingly on the most recent Kuji Kast Twitter space. That being said… was it really a joke? 😉

We originally considered incentivizing people to create content on WinkHUB by paying them from the treasury. This doesn’t make sense for our holders. Instead, creators will soon be able to earn in other ways. Our platform will excel due to its convenience and juicy content.

Eventually, you’ll be able to stake $WINK to earn part of our revenue.


$WINK has learned from KUJI. It has zero inflation. It will earn real yield. However, WINK is a community token also held by Kujira OGs; no predatory third party VCs here. As far as vesting is concerned, public sale participants’ $WINK and all BOW $WINK incentives are fully liquid. Meanwhile, the team, operations, and treasury wallets are vesting from May 18th, 2023 to August 18th, 2024. We will likely use Fuzion BONDS for any future fundraising to minimize or outright avoid circulating supply impact.

Join in

At this early stage where we still have a small number of core users, we want contributors to have maximum flexibility with what they can do on our platform. There’s always a balance between ensuring that any posted content falls within reasonable guidelines (no pornography, no religious extremism, no racism, etc.) and giving users the flexibility to do everything on their own. We will therefore manually onboard writers into WinkHUB for the near future.

All you have to do to become part of the rapidly growing movement is to fill out this form with your desired username and other basic information and we can get you hooked up. You can always reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram if you’d like changes made to your basic information. We’ll work on making some of these features more automatic over time as we onboard more people.

WinkHUB plans to expand in all sorts of directions and become a Kujira community hub in multiple respects. Some may be surprising! We’ll reveal upcoming features over time to avoid spoiling the fun.

We have also published an accompanying article explaining how to write on WinkHUB. Thankfully, WordPress is used nearly ubiquitously as a content management system, and there is a ton of supporting documentation and other resources which can bring you up to speed. This ensures you can get the most out of your content to make it shine. Furthermore, we’ve integrated Yoast Premium to bring creators lots of useful SEO features as well as information on better SEO practices.

It’s easy to join in and participate. Just fill out this google form right here! Welcome home Winkers.


You wish.

We kid.

We have a significantly more detailed roadmap in private, but we’re happy to share a few details about what to expect next as part of our overall process. On the whole, it’s more exciting to surprise people with same day releases than announce things in advance.


  • The Kujira Team’s old and new Medium articles will move to WinkHUB. They’ll be refurbished too.
  • Wallet connect and related features like tipping creators $WINK.
  • Featured Articles.


  • Redesigned website layout: WinkHUB docs, a comprehensive Kujira Wiki, ???, & ???
  • Stake $WINK for real yield.
  • BD loop of cool Twitter Spaces to onboard people and protocols into the ecosystem.
  • ???
  • ???


  • *****************************************
  • WinkHUB governance
  • More sophisticated DeFi integrations ala kickstarter or Patreon
  • ???

General thoughts

Of course, on top of everything else, we’ll continue to upgrade the website and introduce additional features, content offerings, and promote adoption. We’ll put out a far more comprehensive Kujira Encyclopedia in issue 2 in a few weeks, which will cover basically every aspect of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, we’ll pick up Peruggi’s Kujira weekly roundup (perhaps slightly less regularly) and prioritize a bunch of other exclusive content like interviews of protocol founders and other exciting stuff. Not to mention, Kujira Academy will surely continue to expand and provide tons of regular content about all sorts of things in the ecosystem which really help users out.

We are super pumped to get this all out and deliver the best possible content experience to everyone on Kujira in a fun way.

What next?


Go find out.

And remember to sign the form to join WinkHUB and become a content creator. Or pester Danny and Maximus to go on a Kuji Kast space if you’re a Kujira protocol. Or message Daniel about the roundup.

Thanks, bye.

Relevant articles – a detailed guide to writing on WinkHUB and SEO – a Kujira encyclopedia