Hello. You. Yes you. You reading this right now. On the internet. Do you like being happy? That’s good. Let us tell you some stuff that will make you ‘happy’.

Togwos gif.
Maximus gif.

We’re Togwos and Maximus. We like making videos, eating pizza and going in steam rooms. Also Kujira... and that's probably the most or 2nd most out of all of those things.

We've been creating content to teach people about Kujira since before day 1. Yep. We're from the past. Like a ghost.

We also do it to entertain you jabronis. But mostly it’s us trying to fill a void within ourselves and finally feel love...

Media is a crucial part of spreading new ideas. And Kujira is one hell of an idea. Both of these things are very sensual and when you put them together... 💥

And that is why we think WinkHub is the perfect combination of those two things. Do you agree? Or are you just a mungril?

Write an awesome article, do something mental, get as creative as you can, be a special part of the amazing Kujira community and have all the friends you’ll ever need forever (online).

See you in the future. And after that too.

Learn more about $WINK here.

PS yesterday we fed a fox some protein bar