Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.15


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GM Kujirans! Words cannot explain how bloody cold it is right now in London, even with the heating on (I know, in this economy?). As I look outside, there is snow falling as far as the eye can see, and it’s safe to say my cat is PISSED. But I’ll tell you one thing it’s got me feeling — festive. So there’s snow way we’re getting through this article without some festive-themed jokes. Sorry in advance sers.

Despite being distracted for parts of this week, the boys have been incredibly busy. So without further ado, let’s get into this. As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

Oh, and if you were hoping to see anything about the World Cup, not a chance.

The Senate Twitter Spaces Dates

In a tweet we will put out later tonight, we will reveal the times for the Twitter Spaces and who is scheduled to speak on each day. These Spaces are really important for the future of Kujira — applicants voted in will become the voice of the community, and bear a great deal of responsibility for the network’s future. Make sure you’re there and have questions prepared! It is advised to consult this article, written by a handsome fellow from the Kujira team, while listening to the Spaces too.

At the end of the day, the community gets the final *sleigh*

New Collateral for USK

BNB Oracle Feed

Governance Proposal 105 (yep, one hundred and five…) will add Binance’s BNB coin to the on-chain Oracle price-feed, allowing it to be used as collateral to mint USK. Since demand for USK has been so high recently, more collateral types should allow the supply to creep up slowly to balance the two.

Native ETH Swaps on Kujira by Squidrouter + Collateral for USK

Squidrouter and Axelar have produced something truly revolutionary here — one-click bridging of native ETH over to Kujira! I have written a guide to show you how to do this (I swear I am trying to do uni work too), as well as using your newly migrated Ethereum as collateral to mint USK. As I already mentioned, with new collateral options for USK, supply should catch up to demand as time passes and the price will repeg to $1.

As you can see, the amount of USK has been pretty uponly since the launch of BOW, but what is causing this?

New BOW Pools

BOW is the latest dApp by Kujira that allows you to provide liquidity on FIN and earn rewards for providing value. Crypto Tube has produced a video checking BOW out, which we would recommend watching if you are new to the concept.

This week has seen an explosion of new BOW pools:

BOW is just incredible for so many reasons — provides liquidity in the orderbooks, provides APR for yield farmers, provides beautiful Price Action on FIN’s charts… Make sure you catch those ELF-y APRs before it’s too late!

In fact, Fanfury have taken things a step further, making USK an integral part of their PoL model, which you can read all about here.

USK Safety Measures

Whilst we’re on the topic of USK, here is our official statement regarding the movement of mint and burn functions to governance contracts.

Kujira Wallet Updates

Much to our critics’ surprise, the Kujira wallet will be open-sourced. Dove has encouraged any team that wishes to integrate to add their own chain in a permissionless manner — it would be rude-olph not to! With a Kujira wallet comes mobile functionality too, so things are really hotting up in the ecosystem.

Kujira Validators: Behind the Scenes

Recently, our beloved validators have been insulted for absolutely no reason, so I thought it made sense to highlight all the incredible work that these guys do behind the scenes. Validators are the backbone of Kujira, here is some insight into what they do from the man himself, mintthemoon:

“the oracle was touchy to set up, at first we spent a lot of time dealing with device-specific configs and most people were struggling to get it to run. after a lot of debugging and help from other vals I found a consistent process that I documented on docs.mintthemoon.xyz and Alex recently pulled those into the official docs. since then we’ve had a bunch of validators build tools to support it like the Cros-nest dashboard and the CryptoChem monitor, plenty of others. I started working on the feeder code since we were still having some issues with it, integrated healthchecks a while back and this week have been working to make it more reliable”

This is happening all the time, every single day. When I say these guys are the unsung heroes of Kujira, I really do mean it. Be sure to show some love to our validators, they seriously deserve it.

ORCA Stats

Following a small market dump at the start of the week, a few liquidations rolled in for ATOM on ORCA. In total, 14 liquidations occurred, resulting in nearly 3,000 ATOM being bought for 27k USK, an average price of $9.1 each. You can see for yourself that each of these could’ve been sold at a profit instantly, supporting the view that ORCA is a great way to “Buy the Fear”.

Make it rein!

FIN Updates

For some QoL improvements, users can now favorite trading pairs on FIN so that they appear first in the list, as well as view which pairs have open orders/orders that need claiming. This team listens to the community, so thank you to everybody that suggested these improvements.

Also new for FIN is the LP KUJI-ATOM <> KUJI pair and LP KUJI-ATOM <> ATOM pairs. This essentially allows you to create single-sided deposits into BOW by simply buying the LP token using one side of the LP. It also allows you to exit the LP into one token rather than withdrawing as two!

An explanation of this can be found in this tweet if you are unsure of how this works.

There’s always room for *myrrh* pairs, so be on the lookout.

CALC Keep Building

The team at CALC must be born from the same blood as the Kujira core team, because these boys keep shipping. To celebrate $150,000 colume through their DCA vaults already, what did the team do? Shipped:

  • V1 of KADO money integration has been added (for direct fiat on-ramp…)
  • V.2 work has begun already
  • Bridge links added to the UI directly
  • Minting USK link added to the UI
  • “Total swapped” stats added to the UI
  • Allowing app exploration before connecting a wallet
  • More pairs coming soon…
  • Podcast with GraviDAO

This in itself is cause for more celebration I think.

Kuji Kast Corner

Thank you once again to Danny, for these wise words:

It’s not coming home. What’s new? Southgate is an absolute spoon. Having him in charge of THIS England squad is like having a Ferrari and filling the tank with apple juice.

So let’s move on and support a team that never fails to deliver (Kujira). We all need to be ready. For the future.

‘But what does the future hold?’ I hear you ask.

Well let me answer that question with another question.

How big is a piece of sand?

You see some things we can just never know. But what I do know is this; prepare your butts for action (not sexual).

Because we’re gonna do this boys! (and the girl if you’re reading this).

Also I found out recently there is a world war going on between ants.

From Kuji Kast.

Just beautiful. KujiKast will have a video coming out today too, so keep your eyes peeled and follow them on Twitter for more updates!

Closing Thoughts

Another crazy week in the life of a Kujiran. This team will continue to build in the fact of any adversity, something I know I don’t need to remind you of. And to anybody that doubts us, keep doubting. I look forward to seeing you all again next week! Peace.