Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.13


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GM Kujirans! The World Cup is upon us, and the timeline has descended into awful football takes like this idiot and this one. Do us a favor, and stick to the awful trading takes. England somehow drew to the USA in the most miserable game of the competition so far, and I still haven’t paid up on that bet yet so hopefully the bloke doesn’t read this.

In other news, welcome back to the Weekly Roundup. I’d like to say this series has developed into something of its own — a real community identity. For this reason, I think it’s important to include you guys wherever possible, we can make this pretty fun and engaging.

Using this form, please tell me about anything you’re doing on Kujira right now or if you’d like a section in the Weekly Roundup! I encourage everyone to try and contribute, you never know what opportunities can arise from just putting your name out there.

This image is literally here to break up the text and piss you off. I hope it worked

Anyways, let’s get back to the Weekly Roundup! As always, these articles aim to summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

Fantasy Sports Betting Platform — Rektbets

Rektbets.io is the first sportsbook leveraging the Kujira blockchain and $KUJI token. On Rektbets, users can bet on their favorite sports team in the NFL, NBA, and Premier League and win a variety of prizes.

The team are currently running a series of “pre-season” events leading up to their launch which you can find in the announcements section of their discord. Prizes include:

  • $KUJI
  • Rekt Gang NFTs
  • Shrimp Gang NFTs

I’ve avoided betting on sports for so long, so this is pretty bittersweet for me. Can’t wait to lose my money with you boys!

Kuji Kast Corner

Listen, I know the name of this section is a close-shave, but so is Maximus’ beard so it just makes sense.​​

These boys are legends, so it’s only right they have their own section to really make this a community-led Weekly Roundup. This week’s gospel is from the man himself, Danny:

Just over a week ago we were on a plane. To Portugal (the country). Behind me was a kid. He was kicking my chair. He was a dickhead. And I wanted to smash his face in. But I didn’t. Because you have to be calm in tough situations.

We then spent an awesome few days hanging with all the Kujira boys. Do me a favour. Close your eyes. Keep them closed. Now imagine 3 beautiful people. Open your eyes. You just saw Kujira…

Also, the merch is coming soon. And it’s very wonderful. If you buy it your life will be better and you will get a girlfriend and everything.

From Kuji Kast

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Such wise words.

Bfit Website Live

BFIT is a move2earn platform coming to Kujira, and the team have just released their new website. On the site, they have displayed their Litepaper, Docs, and Pitch Deck — if you’re looking to learn more, this is the place to start.

You can also sign up for the waitlist on the website, so it’s worth checking it out here.

Interview with Dove: Inside the Belly of the Whale

In a new article written by Kid Kuji, Dove guides us through the problems Kujira aims to tackle, Kujira’s unique value proposition, and what’s next for the boys.

The article is very easy to read and I greatly recommend everybody to read it and remind yourself why you have invested your money with us. Congratulations on getting your first article out KK, the first of many I’m sure. This is what this community is about, taking the initiative to provide value to our ecosystem.

Here is *another* reminder that you too can contribute to Kujira here.

The Senate Applicants Reminder

This is a reminder to all you LAZY applicants who STILL haven’t filled in the form…

*** Please fill in the form here 🙂 ***

That is all.

BOW and Merch Launch

This week, we finally get to see what everybody has been waiting for. The FTX sex tape! No, seriously — the launch of BOW and the Merch store should coincide this week, ushering in a new wave of Kujira users.

I feel like I don’t need to say too much more, you’re already excited right? Make sure to show your support for BOW and the Merch on Twitter and socials, this is our time to let the work do the talking. I look forward to seeing lots of Kujira Merch under the Christmas tree this year!

Seriously, buy the f*cking merch.

Liquid Circulating Supply of KUJI

Presented without comment.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for joining me again for another episode of the Weekly Roundup! To be honest, I’m shocked I have stayed this consistent so I appreciate all of you pushing me to get these out on time. England play Wales tomorrow, so if you’re Welsh don’t bother turning up on Twitter alright? It’s gonna be a battlefield.

As a final reminder, there is a Google Forms for you to fill in if you want to collaborate on these episodes.

Cheers lads