Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.1


Hello, and welcome to the first edition of the Weekly Roundup. These short updates aim to summarise all Kujira-related events in the last week, keeping you up-to-date and informed. As the name suggests, the Weekly Roundup will be posted every Monday and should be an easy read for all users on our favourite Blockchain.

Episode 1

Table of Contents

First tease of CALC’s UI and further updates

For those who don’t already know, CALC is producing a “set & forget Dollar Cost Averaging in & out of positions” strategy (and more!) built on Kujira. Recently, the Kujira team received a product walk-through for CALC and their reaction was stellar, to say the least.

As the second phase of customer testing is starting this week (September 6th), the team at CALC would like the community to co-design the user experience of CALC. Become a CALC customer champion, by applying here before Tuesday 12:00 UTC.

With the protocol front-end build now underway, the team has allowed me to release the first sneak peek into the User Interface:

Security audit for USK mint contract from SCV Security

As of August 31st, SCV Security has successfully completed and returned a security audit regarding the USK mint contract. Security audits describe a thorough peer review of a smart contract before it is deployed on mainnet by a third party that specialises in security. With the conclusion of the audit, the team will work through the findings and eliminate any potential vulnerabilities, taking us one step closer to the launch of USK.

CMDX-axlUSDC trading pair deployed on FIN

With the passing of governance proposal 33, the Comdex-axlUSDC trading pair has been deployed on FIN. The liquidity bootstrapping phase has now ended, with trading commencing this morning (5th September).

CMDX is currently exclusively available to purchase on Osmosis, with over $150,000 in volume on the CMDX/OSMO pair. Capturing even a fraction of this market dominance will aggregate more volume on FIN and therefore generate more fees distributed to KUJI stakers.

Some stats for the week

Brought to you by valued community member Eskers:

  • Total KUJI staked increased by 1.5m (3.4%)
  • Unique wallets staking increased by 640 (9.4%)
  • Nakamoto Coefficient increased from 5 to 7 following the UI update
  • Approximately $1.6m of off-chain volume on MEXC

Many thanks again to Eskers for providing this invaluable information!

Meet the team at NEARCON!

DeadRightDoveBrett (slangdog) and Kuji Peruggi will be attending NEARCON in Lisbon from September 11–15th. If you’re also attending and would like to meet the team, be sure to send us a DM on Twitter or Telegram to organise.

Leap wallet integration

Kujira is now live on LEAP wallet, providing users with a UI for portfolio and asset overviews. This interface shows token performance, allocation details and wallet balances. LEAP also simplifies governance participation with an intuitive landing page. This shows active and past proposals, proposal status and allows voting directly from the wallet.