Kujira Academy Insights: Episode 2


Welcoming Kujirans to the second episode of Academy Insights.

It’s safe to say the last few months have been crazy for Kujira! Liquidity has flooded the market, tokens have skyrocketed, and protocols are building like there’s no tomorrow. Oh, and we found out KP can’t handle his drink (hehe).

However, these are not the only exciting developments taking place, with this week marking a significant feat for Kujira Academy.

So, for updates on content, insights into the Ambassador Program, and an exclusive peek into the future of Kujira Academy, look no further than today’s article.


Before we begin, let’s first briefly summarize the first episode of Academy Insights.

Academy Insights: A Quick Recap

Episode 1 kicked off by exploring the first two weeks of the Ambassador Program, outlining what was involved and how it was assessed before presenting feedback from students on the program’s effectiveness so far.

We then discussed Kujira Academy’s collaboration with NAMI protocol, providing a summary of the call and the group project, assigned to students by jp.kuji and titled:

“What benefits do token holders receive by not selling the tokens of a project?”.

Following this, we introduced WinkHub as the content hub of Kujira Academy, outlining the release schedule for upcoming articles over the coming weeks.

Finally, we concluded with a reflection on our journey so far, highlighting the progress made as well as stating what needed to be done to realize Kujira Academy’s full potential.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s dive into Academy Insights: Episode 2, starting with a brief overview of our content creation vertical.

Content Creation: An Overview

Content Creation is an essential ingredient in our Kujira Academy formula, providing a wide range of accurate, reliable information that informs, educates, and motivates users.

If you don’t know already, WinkHub is the information hub of Kujira, and they have been kind enough to dedicate a page on their website to Kujira Academy.

If you have yet to do so, go check out our page and find all the articles Kujira Academy has written so far.

So, what have we been up to since the last time we spoke?

Content Creation: What’s New?

Kujira Academy now boasts an impressive workforce of graphic designers, video producers, and data analysts, all producing meaningful content that caters to every type of investor, no matter the skill set or knowledge base.

Whether it’s video content demonstrating the most efficient methods for onboarding capital or written content displaying the various complex DeFi strategies that can be employed on Kujira, we’ve got you covered.

So, what does this mean for Kujira and the wider ecosystem?

A diverse range of high-quality articles, accessible to students across the globe, providing students with a prescriptive guide to getting started in Web3.

Not bad, right?

Next, we discuss the first iteration of Kujira Academy’s first Ambassador Program, sharing some key reflections before outlining our objectives for the near future.

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program: Final Project Call

Tuesday 21st November saw us introduce the final project to students, tasking them with developing and presenting a group proposal for the business case topic below:

‘Kujira Academy is looking to design and implement a university program that raises awareness of Kujira, provides students with a foundational understanding of Web3/DeFi concepts, and gets them actively participating within the ecosystem.

Working as a group, develop a proposal that achieves these objectives, outlining the basis of your idea in a clear, comprehensive manner.’

Students were then assigned to groups and given two weeks to generate a proposal, with a group review call hosted at the start of Week 3.

Week 3: Review Calls

The purpose of this call was to help develop students’ initial ideas, bolster their presentation skills, and provide practical guidance on how to collaborate effectively as a group.

Student responses from preliminary feedback seem to suggest that these review calls were of value, and I am inclined to agree.

By the end, each group had a clearly outlined focus for their proposal that offered real potential to Kujira Academy, and actionable steps to help progress towards this goal.

Some ideas included:

  • Improving the quality/organization of published content on WinkHub.
  • Creation of Learning Modules (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced).
  • Incorporating gamification into education (Zealy).
  • In-person seminars targeting university students.
  • Developing specific workshops/seminars aimed at better educating students.

The final workshop times were then set, scheduled to take place in Week 4, from Monday 4th — Wednesday 6th December.

Week 4: Final Project Call

Week 4 saw the students present their final proposals, and given that we had aimed to identify the students fit to be ambassadors by the end of this call, it was imperative to get this right.

Similar to Workshop 1, individuals were assessed via a score matrix, with their performance recorded across a range of criteria to give a final project score.

These scores were then aggregated across student’s performance in previous workshops to give each individual an overall score for the program, providing valuable insight into which students would be a useful addition to the Kujira Academy team.


After the final project, each student was invited to attend their final 1-on-1 feedback call to discuss their thoughts on the program and their performance in it, as well as the next steps for chosen ambassadors.

That’s A Wrap!

Following this, we hosted a brief call to thank students and outline the coming weeks for selected ambassadors, concluding the program in style!

Finally, we sat down and reflected on the effectiveness of our very first Ambassador Program.

Here are some of the key takeaways.

Ambassador Program: Key Reflections

Onboarding Experience

Initially, we found some students had difficulty getting set up with Kujira, due to the quality and availability of onboarding resources. This led to some individuals being underprepared, resulting in a longer onboarding process than expected.

Next time, we aim to provide:

  • A comprehensive guide to those enrolling in the program, improving the accessibility of resources to give students the best possible start with Kujira Academy.

Program Structure/Organization

Whilst the Ambassador Handbook was undoubtedly a vital resource, initial feedback suggests it was somewhat limited in its ability to provide a prescriptive guide to students.

In Workshop 1, students expressed finding it difficult to navigate the resources at times, citing a lack of clear instructions/organization as the reason.

After receiving this feedback we revised the Handbook, improving both the clarity of instructions and the organization of materials. Students improved considerably, making it clear that students would’ve benefitted from such a document from day 1.

To improve the clarity/organization of resources for the next cohort of students, time, we will:

  • Send a message at the start of each week, sent to the Telegram channel, clearly outlining the week ahead and providing students with a useful reference point when organizing their weekly schedules.
  • Provide a new and improved ‘Ambassador Handbook’, that centralizes the resources into one document and enables students to navigate the program schedule/tasks with greater ease and clarity.
  • Refine the ‘AI Writing’ and ‘Token Research’ sections in the Content Creation handbook, to improve both the quality and availability of resources available to students throughout the Ambassador Program.

Workshop Effectiveness

When evaluating the effectiveness of the workshops in the Ambassador Program, some initial observations can be made:

  • Students found Workshop 1 particularly difficult, citing a lack of relevant knowledge and skills as the primary factor.
  • The ideas proposed in this workshop were somewhat limited in their capacity to provide a valuable solution to the business case topic at hand.

Whilst there was a steep initial learning curve for students, the introduction of educatory material (AI/Token Workshops) in Week 2 helped develop students’ skill sets.

Evaluating the impact of this educatory material on the Final Project, the following observations can be made:

  • Students applied the skills and knowledge gained from the workshops and feedback calls to the Final Project.
  • Students’ performance throughout the program improved exponentially, with the ideas generated in the Final Project of much higher value than those presented in Workshop 1.
  • The proposals generated offered a valuable solution to the business case topic at hand that met the objectives stated in the assessment criteria.

So, what can we take from all this?

Whilst Kujira Academy has gained undeniable traction, there are several hurdles yet to be vaulted for Kujira Academy to meet the core aims set out in the Litepaper.

After all, this is an iterative process, and we are under no illusion it is perfect. Let’s take a look at what will look like.

The Road Ahead: What’s Next?

To establish ourselves as a key player within the Kujira community, we have outlined the following objectives:

Creation of Kujira Academy Glossary

  • A one-stop shop for all your Kujira Academy needs.

WinkHub Topic Separation

  • A diverse range of articles, organized and accessible to all.

Kujira Academy x Zealy Integration

  • Gamifying education to get students learning and earning!

Extended Workshop Series (Video Tutorials)

  • Workshops that educate users and enhance their skillset/knowledge base, enabling them to meaningfully contribute to Kujira Academy.

Protocol Collaboration (Group Projects, Deep Dives etc.)

  • Creating synergy across protocols to create an interconnected web of accurate, reliable information.

Grassroots Ambassador Outreach

  • Employ Kujira ambassadors to organise workshops or man in-person educational stands within their local communities.

These objectives, if achieved, offer the potential to transform the Web3 educational landscape as we know it, something that has never been done before.

So, if all goes to plan, what will the future of Kujira Academy look like?

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain.

The Big Picture

Our newly rejuvenated Ambassador Program provided students with access to a wealth of materials, industry leaders, and employment opportunities, equipping them with the skills and experience necessary to get off to the best start possible with Kujira Academy.

Many of these students went on to represent Kujira within their local communities, culminating in an international, interconnected network of ambassadors providing university students across the globe with a prescriptive guide to breaking into the Web3 industry.

Our content team, consisting of talented individuals, leveraged the capabilities of WinkHub to filter out the noise, providing a gateway to understanding for all users across the Cosmos.

Research pieces, articles, and learning modules were created, with the integration of Zealy into Kujira Academy streamlining the onboarding process and enabling investors to find their rightful place within the Kujira ecosystem.

Users could now progress through skill-specific learning modules to improve their ranking and climb up the leaderboard, with the top performers receiving a proportionate share of the total prize pool.

This gamification of learning attracted a fresh wave of eager students, making clear the value Kujira Academy offered to the space at large.

Partnerships with protocols and organizations ensued, further validating this unique value proposition and solidifying Kujira Academy’s position as a pioneer in the Web3 educational space.

After this, nothing was the same.

Kujira Academy’s commitment to innovation and collaboration shattered industry boundaries, setting a new standard for the relationship between academia and blockchain technology and propelling Kujira Academy to the forefront of this industry, once and for all.

Finally, we had bridged the gap between university and blockchain technology, and what a sight it was…

Article Summary

Recognizing the weight of the information just shared, it feels necessary to summarize this article in a comprehensible and palpable way.

Education is a public good. If Kujira Academy can democratize this, it will unleash a plethora of positive externalities, felt both directly and indirectly by all within the Kujira community.

Since our inception, we have been working relentlessly to curate the tools and resources required to execute this vision, and finally, we have all the pieces.

So for those of you who have recently joined Kujira, or those of you that are considering a career in web3, this is my advice.

Jump on board, quickly. It’s almost time for take-off.

Kujira Academy is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between young entrepreneurs and Web3, providing them with tangible education and career acceleration opportunities. Built by students, for students. Learn more about the academy and our vision here.

To register your interest and become a student of Kujira Academy, click here.

Written by KidKuji