Bridging SOL To Kujira And Minting USK


In this article, we will walk you through how to mint USK using whSOL, including a step-by-step guide on how to get your SOL to the Kujira ecosystem using Wormhole. The Solana wallet we used for this guide is called “Phantom”.


Bridging SOL to Kujira

Steps to bridge SOL to Kujira

1.   Go to

2.   Connect your Solana wallet (in this example we used Phantom).

3.   Connect your Kujira wallet

4.   Press select network for your Solana wallet and select SOL

5.   Press select network for your Kujira wallet and select Kujira

“From Solana network To Kujira network” bridge configuration

6.   Select the asset SOL on your Solana wallet, and then automatically you will see that the asset on your Kujira wallet will change into WSOL

Select SOL and receive whSOL on Kujira

7.   Fill in the amount you want to transfer and select “Approve and proceed with the transaction”

Enter the amount of SOL you would like to bridge

8.   Confirm the transaction in your SOL wallet and wait until they arrive in your Kujira wallet (approx. 30 seconds) 

Approving the TX in Phantom

9.   Now that you have your whSOL in your Kujira wallet we can move on to the next step: mint USK using whSOL.

whSOL successfully bridged to Kujira

Minting USK 

1. Go to

2. Navigate to the “Mint” tab:

BLUE Mint dashboard

3. Scroll down until you find whSOL and press “Open Position” (or press the following link: Mint USK using whSOL)

whSOL USK dashboard

4. In deposit collateral, enter the amount of whSOL you wish to lock up. Remember you can only borrow up to 60% of this value, so factor this into your decision. A lower LTV (Loan To Value) is safer as it is more resistant to market downswings.

In our example today, we are going for an extremely conservative approach by using 1 whSOL as collateral with an LTV ratio of 15%.

5. After filling in the desired amount of collateral and the risk you are willing to take, click “Open Position” and approve the transaction in the wallet popup (in our example we used a Keplr wallet).

Please see below GIF that captures all the required steps:

GIF demonstrating a user minting 10 USK with 1 whSOL

Congratulations, you have now transferred SOL from your Solana wallet located on the Solana network into your Kujira wallet and used your SOL to mint USK!

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Written by Marco Rosmalen

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