Bond, Bid, and Win


We are giving away 100,000 sKUJI to celebrate launching the sAVAX market on ORCA!

Table of contents

How to participate

To win a share you must do two things:

  1. Place a bid, using aUST, on the sAVAX market on ORCA
  2. Own some sKUJI (which you can do by bonding KUJI here)

You must do both those things within 24 hours of the sAVAX market launching on ORCA at roughly 06:00 UTC on 23rd March 2022.1

That’s it. That’s all you have to do.


Here is how it works

We will take snapshots 24 hours after the sAVAX market launches, capturing all of the bids and the current sKUJI distribution.

Exactly one month later, we will distribute 100,000 sKUJI to all those whose bids from before the snapshot are still in place and/or have been filled.

If your bids are hit during this time, you still qualify (explained in the FAQ below).

This market will open at roughly 06:00 UTC on 23rd March 2022.2

The distribution of the sKUJI will be prorated on two variables:

  1. The total value of your remaining (and filled) aUST bid(s) placed BEFORE the snapshot.
  2. Your sKUJI balance at the time of the snapshot.


  1. What happens if my bids get filled during the month the campaign is running?
    Your filled bids will count just the same as unfilled ones. You will not get penalized for winning a bid. After all, that’s the beauty of ORCA!
  2. Can I place bids with UST and qualify?
    No. This reward applies specifically to aUST bids, on the sAVAX market, only. No other types of bids qualify.
  3. How does aUST bidding work?
    Here is a detailed WinkHUB article, which including a video rundown by Yield Labs.
  4. What is sKUJI, and why is it valuable?
    You can read about sKUJI in our own WinkHUB post here. And there is a very detailed breakdown by Xulian on his own Medium here. We believe it may just be the future of France.
  5. How can I get sKUJI?
    You can buy KUJI with UST on our BLUE app here. You then bond that KUJI into the sKUJI Revenue Pool here. Piece of tasty cake.

sAVAX is an exciting addition to ORCA but it’s by no means the last, and there’s plenty more where this came from!

  1. This is subject to the Anchor market opening, so the exact time may vary. ↩︎
  2. This is subject to the Anchor market opening, so the exact time may vary. ↩︎