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Staking and governance are quintessential pillars of web 3 no matter who you ask. Every project wields their own vision for how to harness these capacities to allow their community to express their will and participate in platform growth.

Danny, Maximus, and I have had detailed discussions at length on what we want governance at Wink to look like. We don’t want WINK governance to be a meme. And we want to make staking rewarding for participants by offering various benefits to adopters.

The launch of ‘DAODAO’ on Kujira provides new governance opportunities for projects and tokens. There is a whole host of convenient options that WINK stakers can now utilize to stay ahead of the curve. With ‘DAODAO’ slated to be directly integrated into Sonar, this will be huge for everyone.

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Our Vision for WinkDAO

The Wink Team prides itself on being highly adaptive and taking the initiative to be an early adopter of new technologies and opportunities. That’s why when we realized ‘DAODAO’ was launching on Kujira and coming to Sonar, we wanted to go ahead and seize the chance to leverage it for WINK staking. The result was that we launched WinkDAO as the first DAO powered by ‘DAODAO’ on Kujira.

‘DAODAO’ provides a host of tooling that allows us to create a high quality staking and governance experience for WINK holders. All Wink products, including Gojira and WinkHUB, will generate revenue which will be distributed 80% to WINK stakers (proportionally by size of stake), 10% to WINK buy back and burn, and 10% to KUJI stakers. We also plan to stake some WINK from the treasury and either redistribute rewards back to stakers like the Kujira team or just use them to buyback and burn.

As far as we are concerned, we want real governance where we respect the will of our community. That isn’t to say we can’t or won’t vote to express our opinions, but that the purpose of WINK governance is to allow WINK stakers to have a meaningful say over the result of platform governance to shape the future direction of the protocol. No bullshit optics.

A convo back in December 2023 about our vision for WINK Governance

We have learned a lot from Kujira in terms of how we want to approach governance. For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, we plan to start off with only the team submitting governance proposals. This lines up quite nicely with our intended vision of Gojira as a permissioned NFT marketplace. With time as the Wink ecosystem expands, Gojira takes off, our community gets used to governance, and the WINK token matures–we plan to open up WINK governance so that others can jump in and submit their own proposals, etc. We are still willing to consider ideas from community members, but at this stage we reserve the right to shut down any requests simply to keep things running smoothly.

Our specific plan to reward early adopters that have a persistent sufficient stake will be revealed at a later point in time. We want to encourage people to do the right things for the protocol and wider community and we have many interesting options at our disposal. At the same time, in addition to revenue streams, we are considering other benefits for WINK stakers such as early access to high quality information about the ecosystem (maybe from me or others).

For those afraid of locking up tokens to stake, we are partnering with Quark to ship qcWINK in the near future as an alternative and are excited to see Amit get more involved with Wink over time. Pros to holding qcWINK will be automatically auto-compounding staking rewards, liquid assets, and enhanced composability across Kujira dApps. Downsides will be lack of access to any extra goodies for staking in WinkDAO, receiving rewards in (qc)WINK instead of in KUJI or xUSK (or airdrops), and not being able to vote in governance.

The Power of WinkDAO

With the deployment of DAODAO on Kujira, decentralized autonomous organizations like WinkDAO can now be created around tokens. This allows for all sorts of convenient setups and tooling provided directly via DAODAO. Over the next few weeks, DAODAO is rolling out a native rewards scheme that will handle proportional rewards towards stakers. This convenient system facilitates all sorts of government participation and protocol setups. WinkDAO will leverage this technology to the fullest.

You can access WinkDAO to stake your WINK here.

Now let’s go through some of the main functionality WinkDAO offers.

DAODAO’s friendly UI makes you feel right at home on WinkDAO

When you first log into WinkDAO, you are first able to choose the relevant wallet that you want to participate in governance with.

First connect your wallet

You can next choose your display name if you’d like to be publicly involved.

Next you can set your display name if you’d like

DAODAO provides a bunch of convenient tooling to WinkDAO which gives us the power to view general DAO specifications and our own personal balances in the ‘Home’ tab, create proposals in the ‘proposal tab’, manage a treasury in the ‘Treasury’ tab, manage SubDAOs in the ‘SubDAOs’ tab, view membership and their holdings in the ‘Members’ tab, and leverage related apps in the ‘Apps’ tab.

WinkDAO proposal interface allows for flexible customizability
There are tons of UI options to easily create governance proposals
We’ve already got 40 members before even announcing staking is live on the main WINK account. Not too shabby
Some of the Apps available to WinkDAO

WinkDAO Setup

WinkDAO officially was created last Friday, on April 12th. While we don’t have a community pool at the moment, we may move part of the WINK treasury to create a community pool later on which can be utilized by the DAO. More than 10% of WINK supply has been staked so WinkDAO is now active.

General WinkDAO configuration

We chose an unstake period of 2 weeks to give people an option that isn’t too short or too long. We are able to migrate governance contracts without needing people to unstake. This will facilitate a rather interesting planned optional (un)staking mechanic involving burn that will be revealed in the future.

WinkDAO settings

For the time being, to ensure that only the team has the capacity to create proposals for now, we have set the proposal deposit limit to 3 million WINK (and have made sure that voting deposits will always be refunded). We have approached things this way to ensure the safety and integrity of the protocol. At the same time, we set quorum to 20% of the DAO vote to ensure baseline participation and have opted for using a simple majority to decide governance direction.

The voting duration is 69 hours (what else could it be). Finally, we have enabled revoting, which under the current DAODAO setup means that votes will not execute early before the entire voting duration of 69 hours to ensure that people can recast their votes to change their minds up until the final deadline.

Next Steps

Now that WINK governance has been established. As I recently teased on Twitter, it’s about time for the Wink team to introduce a brand new roadmap sharing our current plans. The old roadmap from late last year is now largely complete aside from a few items we are currently working on. Moreover, a lot of stuff centered around Gojira will be essential to the overall Wink brand in the future. Creating a new roadmap will allow to home in on some of this stuff.

This is why we plan to share a related update soon. In fact, we may have some spicy news this week.