Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.9


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GM Kujirans! This weekend was Halloween, so for the four people reading that used this as an excuse to dress up as a cat, be ashamed. Today marks the start of a new week with plenty to tell you about, so grab your cuppa, relax, and enjoy the read. As always, these articles aim to summarise all things Kujira-related over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

And yes, there will be spooky-themed puns throughout — I even had a bunch of vampire jokes saved up but, to be honest, they all suck.


Jumping straight into things with the largest announcement of the week, meet BOW. Since only limited information has been revealed, what do we know so far?

Likened to Atrix Finance on Solana, BOW focuses on providing efficient market-making algorithms that will make FIN the ultimate trading destination. To do so, the depth of the orderbooks must increase while simultaneously tightening the bid-ask spread, allowing low slippage trade execution.

To encourage market participants to provide liquidity, rewards will be distributed to LPs from two sources:

  1. All pools will be rewarded with trading profits accrued from the trading pair.
  2. Third-party protocols can choose to incentivize these pools with their own tokens to boot-strap liquidity.

“When you provide value, you deserve profit.”

Finally, in a tweet teased by Codehanssingle-sided LPs may feature on BOW, allowing users to deposit singular assets into a trading pair rather than requiring 50% of each. For example, if providing liquidity for the KUJI/ATOM pair, a user would only be required to deposit KUJI, and not equal parts ATOM too.

Kujira Wallet UI Tease

About time we got to see this… Are devs even doing anything? In a 41 second video posted to TeamKujira’s Twitter, the boys revealed the stunning UI for our wallet and demonstrated some of the useful features.

This includes:

  • Viewing transaction history
  • Sending and receiving assets
  • Changing currency display on dashboard
  • Changing blockchain network
  • Sending payments

The most significant alfa leak in my opinion is the payments system. In the GIF below, you can see a user attempting to send assets to wallets that are nearby via Bluetooth.

This has major implications for commerce — imagine a scenario where you have a vendor that accepts crypto and a customer who wishes to purchase something. If both parties have the Kujira wallet, the customer can simply open the app, look for nearby wallets and send money almost instantly. The payments infrastructure is being laid out before your eyes, and I’m personally very excited to see how this moves forward. This’ll give you pumpkin to talk about…

Kujira Docs Upgrade

If we’re being honest, the old docs were sh*t (sorry Brett). After a considerable amount of time and effort, these docs have been re-vamped (another pun, hope you’re keeping count) and updated to maintain Kujira’s stellar standard. The updated version provides an excellent introduction to new investors and strategic partners alike, and I strongly recommend going through this in your own time.

Special thanks to Daniel Lux for this overhaul, I know how much work you put into this! Plus, if you enjoy silly jokes, check out the section I wrote myself.

CALC Smart Contracts in Audit

The CALC update is short and sweet this week, with the news that the CALC smart contracts for version 1 went to audit. Couple this with lots of private testnet action and things are really shaping up for launch!

Furthermore, the fourth tweet in the ➕ ✖️ Calculated Thinking ➗ ➖ series was rolled out. Read about risk management here.

In unrelated news, I am currently watching Arsenal batter Nottingham Forest while screaming on Telegram to CALC founder (and fellow Gooner) Fabrizio, definitely a highlight of this week.

Kujirans NFTs for Core Team

Having already cemented themselves as a fan-favorite, the KUJIRANS team gifted some custom NFTs to the Kujira team that have to be shown off.




A reminder that KUJIRANS will mint on Stargaze on the 11th of November, be ready!

Shrimp Gang NFT Collection

When the first Kujira-related NFT collection was unveiled, I’m not sure any of us expected the explosion that followed. Following on from recent announcements, Shrimp Gang have released a few images from their new collection of 420 NFTs. These will be minting live on Stargaze on the 18th of November, with the proceeds returned back to the community through various giveaways and prizes.

Will there be a week in which I don’t announce another NFT project? Witchful thinking.

Kujira Name Service Article

The Kujira Name Service by mintthemoon has been teased a few times now, but a new medium article reveals all the important info. The most important highlights are:

  • Domain auction system for fair price discovery
  • 80% of revenue shared with KUJI stakers
  • Bids are placed in $USK

Another win for Kuji stakers, another win for USK use-case, and another win for payments infrastructure with custom wallet addresses. Time to trick-or-treat yourself to your very own .kuji wallet address!

Rango Exchange Integration

As a reminder, Rango Exchange is a multi-chain Dex/Bridge aggregator, providing the cheapest and most efficient route from one blockchain to another. With this integration, it has never been easier to bridge assets from other networks onto Kujira with the click of a button, helping us on-board more users each day. Visit Rango Exchange today to see how this works yourself.

Useful Stats and Info

Graph showing amount of Kujira wallets creates

Closing Thoughts

And that’s it! Another great week for Kujira with “Kuji Independence Day” fast approaching — buckle up and enjoy the ride. Thanks again for taking the time to read this week’s episode, if I missed anything be sure to grill me on Twitter.

PS — Dearest Sophie, sending all my love and strength to you, we are a family of warriors who overcome all obstacles. You are not alone in this battle ❤

Written by Kuji Peruggi