Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.6


Gm Kujirans! I hope you’ve all had a great and productive week, we certainly haven’t stopped building. The last 7 days have been filled with fierce governance debates, shed-loads of Twitter spaces, and more importantly, Arsenal beating Spurs 3–1.

As always, in these short pieces of writing, I aim to summarise all Kujira-related news to keep you up-to-date and informed. Continue reading for alfa you may have missed throughout the week!

Table of Contents

Twitter Spaces Summary

For the first time, the three core members of Kujira sat down together to discuss the future of Kujira and where things are heading. A recording of this Spaces can be found on the Terraspaces website, however I will provide a brief summary here:

  • Kujira wallet will mirror many properties of a banking app, finding the middle-ground between commonly used banking apps and crypto wallets.
  • “Decentralized Commerce” has been extremely important to the core team, and is indeed the reason ORCA was birthed. Aim is to put this affordable payment infrastructure into the hands of those who need it.
  • Payments platform used in markets that rely on P2P payments already. Merchants pay less fees, customers use reliable and affordable infrastructure to make payments.
  • Feature that allows you to send to friends that are close in proximity — address pops up and allows you to quickly pay those closeby
  • Mintthemoon working on a KNS (Kuji-Name-Service) protocol for custom Kujira wallet domain names.
  • Diversification of collateral helps to avoid attacks on certain assets — different levers to rely on increases the robustness of USK. Relying on safe and steady growth, where supply only increases with sufficient demand from real use-cases.
  • Liquidity on FIN is an issue we are aware of and are actively working on. Blackwhale has helped massively, and we are looking at more liquidity solutions as we’ve seen on Serum and Atrix.
  • 25 open conversations with ORCA-related money markets. However conversations are very layered and rely on lots of testnet testing.


The Kujira community has clearly been recognised as a loyal, collaborative and valuable userbase, with THREE airdrops announced this week for KUJI stakers.

  1. AQUA — As mentioned in a previous Weekly Roundup, AQUA is a DAO dedicated to ending the world water crisis, providing clean water to desperate communities that need it most. On the 6th of October, 2% of their total supply was airdropped — to check your balance go to your wallet in BLUE.

2. NOMIC — Nomic is a team we have worked closely with the last few weeks, bringing BTC to cosmos in a safe way. Nomic will be airdropping $NOM to KUJI stakers that have staked with validators outside of the top 20. You can see how many $NOM tokens you have been airdropped here, requiring some small tasks to claim it.

3. GELOTTO — Gelotto have also promised a $GKEY airdrop to KUJI stakers, with additional bonuses for staking with their validator. The ETA to claim this is around 4 weeks, so follow them on Twitter to stay updated.

Kujirans Whitelist — 3x to Giveaway!

Due to the resounding success of the KUJIRANS WL signup (selling out almost instantly), I have organized 3 more spots to give away. To be in with a chance to win a WL spot, you will need to donate to a charity of your choice on Angel Protocol, using funds on either Terra/Juno/Ethereum or Binance network.

The way this will work is as follows:

  • $1-$10 donation results in one entry
  • $10-$50 donation results in two entries
  • $50+ results in three entries

Once you have donated to a charity of your choice, make sure to screenshot the popup you receive, followed by the transaction hash (which you can see by clicking “view transaction details”).

With both of these images on hand, please follow me (Kuji Peruggi) and dm these details BEFORE 12:00 BST, SUNDAY 16TH OCTOBER. I will use a Random Number Generator to pick out the 3 winners and reveal these in next week’s roundup.

Good luck, and thank you for supporting charitable causes. This is something we feel deeply passionate about and would love the community to contribute too ❤

USK Collateral Types

This week has also seen an explosion of governance proposals that allow various oracle price feeds. This includes ETHBTC, and DOT, providing access to a reliable price of all these assets in smart contracts.

More notably, the passing of these proposals paves the way for Axelar Native ETH and DOT as collateral types for USK, alongside the already-known Nomic BTC. Providing a basket of secure assets for USK with reliable price feeds is incredibly important in maintaining its robust and stable nature, while also allowing users to purchase these liquidated assets on ORCA.

I’d like to coin the term “Kujira Flywheel” when discussing the circular nature of capital movement within the Kujira network — this is most evident in the case of USK and ORCA!

Kujira Merch

Although I already teased this in last week’s roundup, we now have a brand new Twitter to announce! Merch drops will be advertised on this Twitter first, so make sure to follow. In fact, we have a mailing list to sign up to on our website that will give you early bird discounts and alpha.

CALC Updates

In typical CALC fashion, the team has punched through another full-on week of development in preparation for the smart contract audit. The CALC Strategy DAO introduced its newest member and launched their newest comms channel. This is a Telegram group for CALC-related announcements, and a community channel will be going live soon.

Finally, the first tweet in the “Calculated Thinking” series was posted this week on “Loss Aversion”. In this incredibly detailed thread, the CALC boys explain how we as humans focus on our losses much more than our profits and offer some tips to overcome this phenomenon.

SRL Finance Proposal Passes

Governance proposal 58 has now passed, securing community funding for SRL Finance. The “SRL” in SRL Finance stands for Self Repaying Loan — loans that get automatically paid back using the yield generated by yield-bearing assets. These assets include liquid-staked ATOM derivatives, stATOM and stkATOM, and future liquid staking derivatives (KUJI).

You can see their proposal here which outlines their aims, the benefits to Kujira, and the grant proposal itself.

Some Stats for the Week

As we have passed 100 days since launch, Eskers has outlined our major accomplishments in this time:

  • Moved passed the 35k Wallet milestone.
  • Crossed the threshold of over 10,000 unique stakers.
  • Reached 48m staked KUJI.
  • 20 million transactions

I’d like to personally shout out Eskers, a community member who has contributed significantly to this series over the last month.

New FIN Trading Pairs

Closing Thoughts

Another week passes with another packed weekly roundup. I’m just waiting for the day I have nothing to speak about, but I’m certain it’ll never happen… Thank you for your support on this series – I listen to each and every one of you when you send me feedback, it really helps to elevate the quality each week.

An exciting new governance format will be announced this week, so expect a summary of the changes in next week’s episode. Thanks again!