Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.32


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Gm sers, seresses, and sermadams!

So we can’t speak to KP about it, but we can include a comment in the Weekly Round Up 🤣

Senate Update

It’s been two jam packed weeks for the Senate. We have a few major updates.

This past week the Senate focused on discussing funding Rekt Quests, a marketing tool developed by RektGang. RektGang will be coming on tomorrow to present in more detail and discuss with the Senate.

In other news, Xulian recently decided to step down as a Senator. I want to thank him for his contributions as a Senator!

After the Senate collectively discussed community feedback from the Senator stipend Discord thread, Ryan wound down the related post.

Furthermore, the Senate weekly meeting agendas have also been updated through our latest meeting (meeting 18)! You can find them on our docs here.

MantaDAO Mainnet

Mike has been hard at work coding up MantaDAO. Now that Hans has finished looking over the code, MantaDAO is already live on mainnet with staking enabled! MantaSwap will be live very soon. Built on top of FIN, it will give users a more traditional hybrid AMM experience while allowing for very low slippage cross-pair swaps.

MantaDAO currently has a live vote (MIP-4) to fund A10 Capital to build CORP Protocol. CORP protocol, the DAO portion of MantaDAO, will allow users to create their own DAOs (and DAO tokens) and not only keep lower quality meme clutter off FIN, but allow exceptional DAO projects to be incubated in the MantaDAO community and then make their way to FIN for the masses.

MNTA/USK, MANTA/axlUSDC, and MNTA/KUJI pairs are already live on FIN and BOW, and already have liquidity incentives (and will be getting more in the near future) to keep liquidity tight. Mike has a lot of interesting machinations planned that will make heads spin, and we can’t wait to see him unveil everything he’s got in the works.


PILOT, a platform built by the Fuzion bois in collaboration with Team Kujira, recently concluded their first successful raise on the platform. Kuji Kast, the titular duo behind WINK, put up 29,325,000 WINK for sale at a starting price of $0.005. Buyers were able to offer bids up to 50% off (as low as $0.0025). The sale had as much as $150,000 in the contract at one point. When it finally concluded after 48 hours, the WinkHUB team sold the WINK for a total of $95,500. The highest price paid was $0.005 (0% discount), while the lowest was $0.0027 (a 46% discount). The average price per wink was $0.0033 (a 34% discount).

All fees earned from the sale were distributed to KUJI stakers, i.e. 0.5% of 29,325,000 WINK (146,625 WINK) and 5% of $95,500 ($4775 USDC)! PILOT launches’ involved game theory gives raising teams more flexibility, increases the amount of funds ultimately raised, and excites users by turning raises into a gamified competition, similar to ORCA bidding with a twist. We can’t wait for more aspiring protocols and teams to discover this incredible platform.


Kujira’s new Content hub, WinkHUB, is gearing up for launch. Now that the WinkHUB team have smashed their raise, after celebrating their success they’ve put their heads down and are focused on bringing WinkHUB to life and seeding it with content.

Kuji Kast Corner

Hello everyone.

What a wild ride recent times have been?

That wasn’t a question.

Sometimes in life things happen. Sometimes those things suck and you want to eat yourself into an oblivion. But sometimes they are great things…

We had the WINK sale last week and it sold out. This was one of those things for us. We’re super excited about all the stuff happening with WinkHUB (there’s a lot) and really believe this is gonna be awesome for Kujira. To a handsome future!

To everyone that got involved whether that was buying tokens, tweeting about it, talking about it or even just being a little jabroni like James Webb… thank you.

Our hearts are full of passion (for you) and we will fight people for you until we don’t want to anymore ❤️

Camelot x Kujira

Camelot, Arbitrum’s premier decentralized exchange, has partnered with Kujira and listed KUJI. The KUJI/USDC liquidity pool is currently live & Nitro GRAIL and KUJI incentives are being launched shortly! We are very excited for this partnership as it cements a continuing trend for Kujira’s expansion. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Hera Aggregator Whitelists KUJI

Now that KUJI is on Camelot, Hera Aggregator has also listed KUJI on its aggregator.

ARB as USK Collateral

Arbitrum’s main token ARB is now collateral for USK! We are excited to start solidifying our partnerships with Arbitrum moving forward on the heels of all the new developments.

Kujirans Update

Since the Kujirans, Kujira community, NFT project first launched on Stargaze, the NFTs have become a hot commodity. Kujirans cost 999 STARS per NFT minted. The collection’s floor has risen 3x from 999 STARS to 3000+ STARS per Kujiran on the Stargaze marketplace.

Furthermore, rarer species are in high demand. Sharks increased 10x from 999 STARS to a floor price of 10k STARS. Meanwhile, ORCAs, the rarest species, have rocketed over 100x from 999 STARS to a floor price of 100K STARS.

Now that members of the Blowhole have had near exclusive access to Sonar for almost a month, the question reminds of what future benefits the Blowhole (the top 50 Kujirans holders) will give users after Sonar launches.

In the meantime, development on the game remains steady, and the Kujirans team even leaked the intention of porting a version of the Kujirans video game, Kuji Island, on Nintendo Switch.

BLUE Wallet Redesign

Our very own resident golden retriever has done it again. With the BLUE Wallet tab’s very sharp new user interface, users can now see all their balances sorted from biggest value to smallest value.

The sleek interface not only shows the value of a wallet’s staked KUJI, but also the cumulative value of all other tokens and unstaked KUJI in it. Every asset has an amount as well as a dollar balance, send icon, token price, and FIN trade link next to it–making it simpler than ever to use BLUE to track your Kujira ecosystem assets and trade on FIN!


Slangdog has also conjured up a cheeky ORCA health indicator now added for ORCA markets, providing at-a-glance information about possible liquidation opportunities.

Amit Validator

Our resident smart contract wizard Amit has launched a new Validator meant to support some of his planned off-chain development. His validator is simply called “amit”, so make sure to delegate to amit, if you want to stake with Amit.

Kujira is for Everyone

Our branding has gone through an organic evolution. As a part of that, we recently released an article discussing our new branding direction. We have updated our docs accordingly, with a new banner image taglined “Kujira Empowers Everyone.” The original Medium linked above is definitely worth your time, but here’s a short summary.

At our core, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to achieve financial success.

Blockchain technology has immense potential to change the world for the better. But it doesn’t need to change people’s beliefs. It just needs to run more efficiently, effectively, and fairly.

As we make our decentralized economy more inclusive, we aspire to build Kujira to empower everyone.

A decentralized economy needs mass-market appeal to replace or work alongside the existing financial framework.

With your help, we can make Kujira accessible to everyone and bring the decentralized economy into the mainstream.

Join us on this journey as we evolve, grow, and create a world where ‘Kujira Is For Everyone’. Welcome to the future of Kujira!


We really want to thank all the hard working people in our community who have joined our journey. Threadors, Senators, Amplifiors, Writors, Moderators, Validators, and Developors! Until next time. 🐳