Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.27


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GM Kujirans! This week is international break in football, so the entire Kujira community can have something in common — literally nobody cares. Unless you happened to see Saka’s goal of course, come on Ingerrland. In today’s episode, I take you through a sensual journey from the sweet aromas of Ghost and Pilot, to the musty stinkbreath of the Kuji Kast Corner. I hope you enjoy!

As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

Written by KP

April Fools?

In a tweet by Kujira today, we announced that GHOST, SONAR, CALC DCA+ and MantaDAO are releasing next month. I can’t help but notice this is rather close to April Fool’s Day… Is this just another psyop?

All jokes aside, yes this really is happening, and what a month April is shaping up to be. We can’t wait to show you everything we’ve been working on behind the scenes, the Flywheel is truly coming together now. I’ve also been informed of a special PILOT launch this month too, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements 😉 Join us for a Twitter Spaces this Thursday at 5pm BST and allow Dove to leak his alfa all over you. Pause.

You can also take a sneak peak at some more Sonar features in this recent video from Kujira.

Manta DAO

So Manta DAO is launching next month, but what is it? Manta will allow you to execute immediate cross-orderbook swaps within FIN, packaged into an AMM experience that automatically routes for the best trade. This will help improve trade execution massively, ensuring traders receive the best rates for buying and selling. Make sure to follow them on Twitter to learn more!

Squidrouter KUJI Fees When Bridging

While we’re on the topic of routers, the absolute chads at Squidrouter will be sending some KUJI for fees to anyone bridging over to Kujira from any supported chain on Squidrouter. The opportunities Squidrouter will open up on Sonar is astounding, and we thank them for their continued support and partnership — we couldn’t have asked for better collaborators.

CALC DCA+ Update + Competition

To go with their newly published DCA+ whitepaper, the CALC team produced a backtesting report that runs through some of the data that illustrates the power of their new product. Be sure to read that thread here, and if that gets you excited to use DCA+, they are hosting a competition to give you whitelist access and 100 $USK deposited into your strategy for 10 lucky winner. Participate in this competition using the instructions in this Tweet.

Alliance Live on Mainnet

Alliance is an open-source Cosmos SDK module that leverages interchain staking to form economic alliances among blockchains. Have no idea what this means? Neither do I, but Dale the Mail Whale does a perfect job of explaining in our recent article “An Intro to Alliance”. In the article we go over what Alliance is, how it works, and why we have decided to be one of the first to integrate it — be sure to give it a read.

Pilot Live on Mainnet

We’ve got plenty of content for you to read this week, with Fuzion posting an article explaining how PILOT works, an example of a sale, and some potential strategies that can arise from this launchpad mechanism. In fact, the Kujira boys teamed up with Fuzion to bring you guys a Twitter Spaces about PILOT and Alliance that can be listened to here. Unfortunately, the first BFIT sale was unsuccessful, yet the founders from FitLink posted an awe-inspriring message to their Telegram group regarding this matter and their next steps. I suggest you join if you wish to provide feedback.

University Outreach Program

In a recent thread by LittleBunny, they teased something that myself and KidKuji have been preparing in the background for a while — a University Outreach Program. I will be making a more formal Medium article regarding this program in the future, but I wanted to add this section to say I am extremely excited to bring the Kujira vision to students internationally. We will be spending the next few months organising the course and I will keep the community updated regularly with our progress, it’s going to be big. In my completely unbiased opinion of course.

Ghosts In The Chain NFT Collection

To announce this NFT collection, I spoke with its creator — F.N. Ghost

Hello Frenz👋👻

It’s been a while in the making, but we did it! Ghost Frenz has officially launched on stargaze.zone, and we couldn’t be happier. At the time of writing, 41% of the total 3,333 Ghosts have been minted over the course of the weekend. While it’s still early to celebrate the true beginning of our journey, we still would like to thank everyone that has shown us support up to this point. Thank you to our wonderful community, our Frenz in the Otherworld NFT community, to Stargaze, to Kujira, and both of their amazing communities. Without you all we wouldn’t be doing this right now, and we are forever appreciative.

“Enough with the emotion Ghost, tell us what’s up!” …ok,ok sorry Frenz.

We have 3 addresses set up currently for GITC:

– gitc-team.stars.page — Ghosts In The Chain team wallet.

– gitc-burn.stars.page — Address Ghost holders will send to in order to redeem their Ghost *** Redeemable backed value will be attached shortly after 100% mint, so please do not send any Ghosts there yet.

– gitc-rewards.stars.page — Address where weekly rewards will be distributed to holders from. Also address containing staked STARS

*** Weekly rewards will be distributed starting the first sunday following 1 full week of rewards accumulation, and every sunday thereafter. Rewards accumulation will begin at 100% mint. All yield generated prior to 100% mint will be utilized by the GITC Team for community engagement and building the treasury via minting Ghosts.

Other GITC News:

– We have just staked 125k STARS to Narwhalidator validator on Stargaze! This 125k is from the 500k STARS allocation to generate rewards for holders upon mint completion.

– Liquidity will soon be provided on bow.kujira.app to generate yield for holders.

– The very first GITC merch arrived, a lovely, embroidered black/blue flat brim hat. More on that later!

– Weekly Ghost olders VC coming soon(alfa drops here first👀)

– Our community is growing, join the family using our linktree address!


Stay spookey Ghost Frenz



Kuji Kast Corner

Wow it’s been a while since this graced your eyes. For this week’s reading, I am delighted to share Max’s words of wisdom:

Last week we tried to break a world record (3 cream crackers in a record breaking time) little did we know it required an extraordinary amount of skill and preparation to achieve this record, we failed miserably. That day we learned a life lesson don’t act like Bobby Big Balls who can achieve anything first time sometimes you’ve got to work hard, in fact harder than last time when everyones sleeping what have you got to do work.

P.S; Kuji Kast will break a Guinness World Records in the future if you’ve got any grand ideas please let us know will give it 110%

Cracking stuff from the boys as always.

Closing Thoughts

Wow, next month will truly represent a new chapter in Kujira’s journey. Thank you for your continued support on this series, I really wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for the messages I receive. University work is creeping up on me, so there may be week’s I can’t get one out for you, but rest assured I will cover as much as I can to keep you guys in the know. Take care, and i’ll see you all next week. Ciao!