Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.26


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Gm Kujirans! Did you miss me? It’s been a few weeks since I last brought you the Weekly Roundup, with life taking its toll on me recently. However, I’m proud to say I’m back, feeling replenished, and ready to get things rolling again.

As it’s been a while, there is a lot for me to update you with and therefore the descriptions will be slightly shorter than usual to keep these articles digestible. I hope you enjoy! As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

Written by KP

And yes, Arsenal are still top of the league.

The Pilot Reveal

As if there weren’t enough products on Kujira already… Built in collaboration between the Kujira and Fuzion teams, PILOT is a truly innovative launchpad. Whether you’re launching tokens or buying them, PILOT makes it incredibly simple:

  • Launchers are offered a range of mechanisms to bring their token to market, all configurable to suit their priorities and audience.
  • Users are provided a seamless integration with the Kujira blockchain and ecosystem. Browse through the options, learn more about the projects and, once you’re ready, take action at the click of a button. Get direct access to the protocols building on Kujira and find projects you want to support.

And there’s a little alpha in the governance proposal too, with 5% of the raised funds directed to KUJI stakers. Yes, you heard that right — imagine collecting 5% of a $1m raise just for staking KUJI… “The Flywheel (Copyright)”. COMING SOON!

Keeping up with CALC

It’s been an eventful few weeks for CALC to say the least! To begin with, CALC has partnered up with Squid Router to allow users to DCA into Kujira assets directly from any EVM chain in one click! Try the widget for yourself.

To confirm how insanely talented this team our, the CALC guys achieved first place at the Drift x Magic Eden Web3 Shark Tank event in Melbourne last month. Huge congratulations to the team!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… CALC’s DCA+ whitepaper has been released! I don’t want to spoil any of the alpha in there as it truly is a work of art, so be sure to give it a read. If you don’t fancy reading a whitepaper in its entirety, the team has kindly provided a Medium article that is easier to digest.

Sonar v1 Features

Continuing the Kujira x Squid partnership, Squid will be offering a 1-click solution to deposit assets from any EVM chain directly to Kujira INSIDE the Sonar app. You can find a preview of this feature in this Tweet. Furthermore, the Kujira team kindly leaked some alpha regarding a few features available to users on Sonar. I kindly ask you to watch this video and see the beauty for yourself!

USK Open Sauce, DIY Stablecoins on Orca

Who would’ve thought, the Kujira team sticking to their word and open-sourcing USK contracts?! Unheard of, I thought these guys were the devil reincarnated… In all seriousness, this was a vital step in ensuring the widespread use of USK throughout crypto, so be sure to follow Kujira on Twitter for more updates.

In tandem with open-sourcing the contracts, the Kujira team is building a platform where teams can easily create their own collateralized stables. We realize that different people have conflicting opinions on what collateral should be used to back stablecoins, so we would like to give you the option to decide yourself. Through this product, teams will be easily able to create a stablecoin using any collateral, but most importantly — backed by ORCA. Safe liquidations are *THE* most important factor preventing stablecoins from going under, so we have that covered.

Big Orca Liquidations = Big Profit

Speaking of ORCA, as the market took a tumble at the beginning of March, big liquidations rolled in on the ATOM books. Over $60,000 worth of ATOM was liquidated at a price of ~$9.60 on average, with users picking up ATOM at discounts of up to 10% of the current market price. At the time of writing, ATOM is at $12, representing a profit of 25% already. ORCA is an absolute monster.

stATOM as Collateral for USK

You’ve been asking, we’ve been listening. After sorting out a suitable price feed for stATOM, we can finally allow users to mint USK using stATOM. Don’t forfeit your staking rewards and join the club!

Fuzion Plasma OTC Trading Live

Plasma is an OTC trading platform built by Fuzion (previously ATLO) that allows users to buy and sell over 30 different tokens “Over The Counter”. This allows you to trade between two assets that don’t necessarily have a trading pair on FIN too! Recently, partial fills were added to allow users to buy/sell fractions of the OTC deal rather than requiring 100% execution every time.

New Currencies on Local

After 3 of the biggest cryptocurrency banks went down in March, the need for decentralized on/off ramps was plain to see. This is where Local steps in, adding more currencies this month than I’ve had hot dinners… If you’re wondering if your local currency is available, it probably is — check LOCAL out for yourself now!

ampKUJI from Eris in Testnet

In a tweet posted by Eris, they teased the release of ampKUJI — a liquid staked derivative — on testnet. The keen eyed among us may have also noticed that The Senate recently voted to begin a DCA strategy on CALC to provide the funds for Eris to get their contracts audited and deployed on Kujira. We look forward to working with the Eris team in the future, and for ampKUJI live on mainnet.

Kujira Amplifier Telegram Channel

Please join the Kujira amplifier channel on TG if you want one place to view, track & help boost relevant news about the Kujira ecosystem! The Telegram is dedicated to EDUCATION and not blind shilling, so be sure to keep this in mind when assisting in the outreach of Kujira.

Closing Thoughts

I’d like to personally thank everyone for being patient with this series, I know life is tough when you can’t read the roundup… If I’ve missed anything, please don’t let me know and keep the secret alpha to yourself ❤ Thanks for reading this week’s episode, I hope you’ll join me again next week. Ciao!