Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.22


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GM Kujirans! As I open up my laptop on this cold, crisp Monday morning, I can’t help but feel joy. Why I hear you ask? $KUJI is pumping, University exams are over, and Liverpool have been knocked out of the FA cup. After 22 (yes, twenty-two) episodes of the Weekly Roundup, I’m sure nobody is getting bored of the football jokes right? Good, because we’ve got 2 weeks until Arsenal play City and the jokes are removed permanently.

Onto the important stuff — this week I’ve got updates from Local and CALC, as well as some information on Kujira’s journey to Ethereum. Buckle up buckaroos! As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

Written by KP

Journey to Ethereum

KUJI to ETH Guide

In one of the first guides that I *didn’t* write, Kujira posted a tweet this week that guides you through the steps involved with bridging Kujira to Ethereum. The steps are simple and easy to follow, so I won’t bother repeating them here, but what reasons are there to bridge?

KUJI on Uniswap

Another exchange listing! Uniswap is the largest DEX in all of crypto, and the KUJI — ETH pair has already seen a surprising amount of volume. At the time of writing, the 24H volume has been recorded at $12.5k on only $12.6k of liquidity within the pair. This has resulted in a huge APR of approximately 105%, something to consider when contemplating bridging to Ethereum!

Kuji on Trading View

Thanks to our trading pair on MEXC, KUJI — USDT can now be found on the charting platform TradingView. I pretty much exclusively use TradingView to analyze cryptocurrencies, and I’m sure many others are in the same boat, so this was particularly good news for me! Simply search “KUJI” and click the first MEXC market on TradingView to have a look for yourself.

Choose Your RPC

Thanks to the incredible services of the Kujira infrastructure community, you can now select the RPC that is the fastest and closest to you. This allows you to access and interact with dApps on Kujira with the fastest connection possible, greatly improving the user experience. To do so, simply scroll to the bottom of the page on any of our dApps and select the RPC you want to use from the second box on the right.

Validator Stipend

If you’re like me, the first thing you did when you saw this was type “what is a stipend?”. Or maybe I’m just an idiot. Either way, the core team has been speaking with validators and received valuable feedback regarding the infrastructure they were using to secure the Kujira blockchain. From this feedback, they have decided to pay 75 $USK to each of the 75 active validators on Kujira every month to help with these costs. We have a fantastic validator team, and keeping them on Kujira should be a top priority!

Validator Voices: Starsquid

Following a successful column last week, StarSquid is here again to speak about Liquid Staking Derivatives on Kujira, and the work that has gone into it behind the scenes.

Mintthemoon and Hans recently had a call with one of the Stride guys to discuss how we could add stride LSD assets to the oracle. This opens up the possibility to be used as collateral, but prodiving a reliable price feed has proved challenging so far. There is already a POC of a stride provider that queries the Stride API to report the current redemption rate. However, this doesn’t help much currently as this is not the price the assets are being traded at on Osmosis for example. In order to liquidate positions, we would need more sources to provide the current trade value of the assets.

Somebody else was bringing ampLUNA to the table too, and we want to look at how one could get prices from Astroport. If I can figure out how the queries work and how to make them configurable by humans, this could be a next candidate for a new price feed source.

Special shoutout to Cristiano#2414 and 0xPhilipp#0557 on Discord for providing valuable input and resources.

Many thanks again to StarSquid for his insight. It’s interesting the amount of work that goes into making dApps run securely and efficiently for the end user, and this work should be highlighted!

Senate Contract + Limiting Spam Protocols

This week in governance, the CW3 multisig contract for the Senate was instantiated. The source for this contract is available here and will hold Senate funds, manage proposals, votes, and execute the result of the proposals.

The threshold has been set such that a minimum of 6 members of the CW4 Group contract must vote yes for a proposal to pass. The max voting period is set to two weeks, however proposals can be executed as soon as the threshold has been met. There is also a nominal 10 USK deposit in order to limit spam proposals (which you may have noticed a few weeks ago…).

CALC Milestones and Updates

First, I’d like to congratulate CALC for investing $300,000 with their DCA vaults since its launch, a huge achievement. To add to their repertoire, CALC has now included PAXG in their DCA vaults, allowing users to slowly buy into gold, 100% on-chain on Kujira. Be sure to check out the vault for yourself here, and remember PAXG can be used to mint USK too whilst being an asset that doesn’t correlate to the broader crypto market.

Saving the best for last, CALC DCA v1.4.0 was instantiated this week, meaning 50% of the 0.5% fee will be returned to the community pool. The team expressed their desire to avoid a “tragedy of the commons” scenario with the community pool which is the first step taken to provide a revenue stream back to this capital. The CALC team is forward-thinking at all times, and this latest piece of evidence demonstrates how focused they are on the longevity of Kujira as a blockchain. I salute you, Fabrizio.

LOCAL First Trade, Beta Testers Needed

Are you from Argentina, Brazil, or Columbia? Are you a massive Local fanboy who can’t wait to try their products? Do you have a massive [redacted]? If so, sign up for beta testing here, the LOCAL familia needs you. In other Local news, the protocol has now been instantiated on Kujira, and the first ever trade has been performed too! This moment marks the beginning of a new era for the Local project and community — after completing the finishing touches on the front end, some major announcements are coming soon.

Kuji Kast Corner

Yup, it’s that time again… Prepare your eyes, it’s Danny:

It’s been a wild few weeks. Kuji is up. Everyone is smiling & dancing. Are you happy? I hope you are. You deserve the worlds. What’s next? Are we going to be the headline act at Cosmoverse? Maybe.

We’ve got a couple of episodes shooting this week & have been working on a bunch of other stuff. Are some cool collabs on the way? Maybe. And are some other things outside of the show happening? Maybe. Here’s one of them –

The Kast. A recurring spaces event (think Lounge 3 brought to life) whereby the community can come to talk about all the goings on in Kujira & have a ‘laugh’. Fun ensues. And also mishaps & danger. And thrills. All of which are important… Coming soon.

Right. We’re off to Portugal again at the end of the week. Might be doing something cool there. Might not be. Who knows? See you soon.

Fortunately for me, I really will be seeing them soon as we travel to Portugal together. If there’s anything you want me to say/do to the KujiKast boys, be sure to dm me ;). Not like that.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading this week’s episode of the Weekly Roundup. I am looking at getting a column for The Senate exclusively so that they can express their thoughts and relay any important conversations they’ve had. However, if there are any other columns you think would be interesting/useful, be sure to DM me on Twitter. Remember, this is a community effort that you can contribute to as well! Thanks again guys, and see you next week when I’m in sunny Portugal. Ciao!