Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.17


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GM Kujirans! Today is boxing day, so you know what that means… You’re feeling fat, you’ve had way too much chocolate, and you know it’s gonna take a while to financially + physically recover from this. Arsenal are back in action today for Boxing Day football (the best), so my entire day is already planned: sit on my ass, watch tele and revise. PS: If we lose, don’t you dare tweet me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate it! This week’s episode will be slightly quieter as we all had a well-deserved break, but now that Christmas is over we’re back and working harder than ever. Anyway, I’m your host Kuji Peruggi — let’sssss get rightttttttt into the news!

As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

Sonar Wallet Announced

Finally, we have a name! I’m sure the boys are running out of whale-themed protocol names at this rate… Honestly, I had something to say about this but I think Dove said it best:

“This is more than a wallet. This is a native mobile experience that will be continually crafted for rich DeFi experiences, real-world payments & much more”

So-nar, so good!

Without mobile UX, Kujira’s growth has been somewhat stunted — this alleviates a lot of the barrier to entry and should see lots more capital entering our ecosystem. You can follow the new Twitter for more updates.

Local Contracts sent to Audit

In a recent tweet by the Local team, they announced an audit is underway to ensure the security and efficiency of their system. Completing an audit and working through the improvements brings LOCAL one step closer to launching their p2p marketplace on Kujira. In tandem with the launch of Sonar, these two products build the foundations for decentralized payments systems and much, much more. Super excited to see what these guys produce!

Acala New Roadmap, ORCA aUSD Integration

As of today, Acala has the #1 TVL protocol, #1 cross-chain demand, and the #1 liquid staking volume in all of Polkadot. These guys are builders, and we are privileged to provide democratized aUSD liquidation pools via ORCA for their money market in the near future. You can see their new roadmap here as they head into 2023, and we look forward to integrating ORCA with their dApps.

BNB as Collateral for USK

That’s right, another collateral type for USK. We are pushing to make USK as accessible as possible for all DeFi users, getting our stablecoin into as many wallets as possible. With this new collateral type comes a new ORCA liquidation market too, so be sure to place some bids to purchase liquidated BNB collateral under market price!

Kuji Kast Corner

Your favorite part of the Roundup, a message from Danny:

Alright. Christmas is done. I’ve never understood the hype about turkey. It’s a weak and dry meat.

I learned something else this week. We watched The Muppet Christmas Carol Movie by Charles Dickens. Everyone always talks about the Scrooge lad and how crap he is and how he hates Christmas.

5 minutes into the film I was with him.

On his walk to work he’s got streets of animals and little rat fellas singing at him. Even vegetables are having a go. Proper annoying. As soon as he gets in all his staff are straight on him saying ohh give us time off. Then some lad comes in basically saying let me off my mortgage. Then his nephew comes in and starts slagging him off. Then he opens his door and some other lads are there saying oh give us money. It’s non-stop. Literally he hasn’t had a minute without someone moaning at him. But he’s the bad guy?

Then all these ghosts start coming at him. This is where the movie gets even more dumb. They show him all this stuff and then the last one shows him the future where he dies. Then he suddenly changes and becomes ‘nice’ and everyone’s like oh look anyone can change. Yeah he changed. But only cos he didn’t want to die.

I give it a 2 out of 5.

Merry Christmas.

Also we’re doing something soon. Reach for the stars…

Kuji Kast

PS: Something is coming.

Closing Thoughts

As I have already said, this week’s episode is a little shorter, but thank you for reading this far in any case! I am pushing to make this series to be a little more collaborative with the community, so watch out for some exciting new columns coming soon (hopefully next week). If you’d like to get involved, do make sure to message me on Twitter! Hope you all had a great Christmas, see you next week!