Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.16


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GM Kujirans! What a weekend ai… In case you’ve been living under a rock, Argentina beat France in what is likely the best game in modern football’s history. Unless you’re French of course.

It’s around -4 degrees right now, and the London cold is no joke. In fact, I’ve had to order a weird hoodie/jumper/blanket hybrid to even feel my fingers, so shoutout to Amazon Prime for that. This week saw the unveiling of “Ghost”, so throughout this episode expect some sh*tty jokes as always boys and ghouls.

Anyway, the moment you’ve all been waiting for — The Weekly Roundup! As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

The Senate Applicants AMA

This week, the Kujira community has been busy with The Senate applicant AMAs, asking as many uncomfortable questions as they can think of. Noticeable highlights came from RektValidator and Xulian with their occasional grillings, however my personal favorite has to be a quote from C3drik:

“My question to you OldBoy — do you think you’ll perish before you manage to get a place on The Senate?”


Recordings of these Spaces can be found here, with a huge shoutout to Finn from TerraSpaces for getting the audio cleaned up and published. As far as the next steps go, we will be releasing the exact mechanism of voting once I have gathered final details from the applicants, so it would be useful to have the 9 members you want to vote for on hand. Make sure to give these recordings a listen if you didn’t manage to catch the Spaces, invaluable information was shared there.

Thank you to everyone who participated and is now a part of Kujira history.

Local in Testnet

As most of you will know, Local is a p2p marketplace coming to Kujira soon. The dApp has been in testnet for a while now and the team has produced a report on their findings which you can view in this tweet. I believe it is important to see protocols communicate what they’re doing regularly and it is great to see some updates from the Local boys.

If you wish to, you can participate in the testnet too. Be sure to report your experience to Local in their Discord and help get them one step closer to launching on Kujira. Now that’s team spirit! (No? Sorry I know that one is a bit of a push, can’t please everyone)

New Calc Vaults + No Fees for USK Vaults

Speaking of transparent teams… Honestly, you’d think I’m paid to talk about CALC the way I do, but these guys just do it right. To start things off lightly, CALC successfully migrated to v1.1.3 following the passing of governance proposal 113, a process that is perfectly outlined in this Medium post.

Now for the boo-tiful news:

CALC will be launching wETH vaults this week! Not only that, but the team will be waiving all CALC fees from any strategy that uses USK. This includes:

  • USK -> KUJI
  • USK -> ATOM
  • USK -> wETH

To top it all off, I have received secret intel that STARS will be the next vault to be instantiated. Just CALC being CALC as always — shipooors.

What is Ghost

Lmao, you thought.

ORCA Still Buzzing

You may have seen my tweet (subtle plug) this week proclaiming ORCA is the undefeated goat. Once again, she’s been purring. 1050 ATOM was liquidated for an average price of $7.89, which at the time of writing represents a 10% gain (including the 3% premium for purchasing USK, 13% if you mint it yourself). ORCA remains an integral part of the Kujira ecosystem and provides a spoo-key method to profit from market volatility to the downside.

As more money markets integrate, more collateral types will be available to purchase at a discount (and more revenue accumulates to KUJI stakers e.t.c. You get the idea by now).

Dloyal BETA Launch

The beta launch for DLoyal Refer will begin this week for chosen beta testers. This will allow the community to trial the product and provide feedback before the team pushes forwards for mainnet launch. DLoyal is aiming to launch across the greater Kujira ecosystem in Q1 with their production release, so it is advised to follow them on Twitter for updates.

New BOW Pool

We have a new BOW pool. That’s it, that’s this section finished. I also need to pad out the words here because it looks silly just leaving this section with one pair added so… umm. What’s a ghost’s favorite position in football? Ghoul-keeper. Zing!

Here’s the pair:

C3drik from Narwhal Validator has also created a post on Commonwealth to discuss a proposal to incentivize this pool using funds from the Stargaze Community pool. We hope to see more collaborations in the future to incentivize BOW LPs as we see it as a win-win for both communities.

New FIN Pairs

Here are the latest pairs to be added to FIN:

Recall that new pairs go through a liquidity bootstrapping phase first before going live. Perhaps we will see some of these pools live on BOW too?

Kuji Kast Corner

And now, a word from our unpaid intern, Danny:

I learned an important lesson this week…

I visited an Oriental foodhall with Maximus and Peruggi himself. We walked around the various stalls contemplating our decisions. So many options. Should I go Chinese? Perhaps Thai? Vietnamese? Or Japanese?

I landed on the latter. A decision that in all truth had been made long before my arrival. Chicken Katsu Curry it was.

But in my final moments I moved with haste. A move that would ultimately result in my downfall…

I strode towards the Japanese stall where a beautiful young lady stood staring back at me with a smile and the world in her eyes. Is this love? Who knows…

I made my order and set off to rejoin the boys. And here is where I realised my blunder. You see there are 2 Japanese stalls serving my dish. 1 of them being a spectacular place that I had dined with prior.

But I had erroneously ordered from the other. When my lukewarm meal arrived I realised the seriousness of what I had done.

I hope this is a story you can all learn from and that it will help you to succeed in life, love and online.

Take your time with major decisions and do everything you can to make sure you do things right.

Also never buy food from someone that is more attractive than you are.

From Kuji Kast

ps Kujira is cool.

Hard to disagree there Danny, Thai think you should’ve listened to my words of advice.

Shade Protocol Stablecoin Summit

Shade will be hosting a stablecoin summit tomorrow (20th December) at 10:30 am CST. It will be hosted online on Youtube and features your very own Kujira speaking about our stablecoin USK, which you can register to watch here.

The event is described as follows:

This event will focus on the current and future state of stablecoins in the Cosmos ecosystem. We believe that working together and cross collaboration between stablecoin projects leads to long term success and sustainability.

Closing Thoughts

The boys have been busy this week, with both Hans and Dove celebrating their birthdays/transition to old men. What I will say is that even on his birthday, Hans’ was busy in our Telegram chat pushing fixes and updates — this guy lives and breathes Kujira. We truly are blessed to have these boys on our side. Thanks for reading again, and be sure to enjoy your Christmas with the family. Take care!