Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira Ep.12


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GM Kujirans! I’ve just arrived home from Portugal to about as much rain as you’d expect from England, so let’s get right into this… Ideally, I’d like to avoid speaking about the elephant in the room given that I’ve spent an unholy amount of time talking about it already. However, you can see our official statement on the matter here, to clear up anything that has arisen from the confusion. Far too much time and energy has been spent focused on this and we are keen to get back to building things that will push us to the next level.

This week’s episode is short and sweet, so enjoy! As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

CALC Live, Published DeFi Manifesto

It has been a week since CALC went live on mainnet with their initial DCA strategies. The launch has been a resounding success, garnering support from many key figures in the Kujira community on Twitter. It is worth remembering that this is just the start, with many more novel strategies being developed as we speak. The future is incredibly bright for CALC.

Also in CALC-related news, the team published their DeFi manifesto on Twitter, which can be read here.

Kujira 1-Year Anniversary Party

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the KUJI token launch, Dove invited some family and friends to a beautiful venue on the coast of Cascais. I was privileged enough to be there myself where we enjoyed good music, even better food, and even better better beer. But the highlight of the night was listening to a speech prepared by Dove.

In this speech, the boss spoke about what Kujira is, where we have come from, the hardships we have endured on our journey, and finally looking forward to what is yet to come. In light of recent events, this was a rallying cry to spur everyone on and aspire to reach new heights every single day, something we will duly deliver.

Oh, and by the way — the merch is fucking FIRE.

The Senate Update

Last week, I promised an article would be published that would outline the next steps. This will (most likely) be out tomorrow, but to summarise:

  • Twitter Spaces will be held featuring all willing applicants.
  • Each member’s application will be organized into a long document for you to work through and refer to during Spaces.
  • After enough time has been given for the Twitter Spaces and public discourse, voting will commence

So, for now there is nothing to do but be patient. Apologies that this has taken a while, but it’s important this is done correctly!

BOW UI Tease

In a Tweet by Team Kujira, the BOW UI on testnet has been revealed. In these images you can see:

  • How providing liquidity will look
  • Additional incentives emissions
  • Live market-making graph
  • Swap function
  • Your farming pools

It is worth noting that these will likely change slightly before being released on mainnet, with Brett working hard to display this information as best as possible.

We were also given an insight into how BOW will affect the price action of trading pairs in FIN from a Tweet by Hans. I think it goes to show how incredibly effective BOW is at providing liquidity on FIN, reducing the bid-ask spread, and providing an ultimately superior UX for trading. In my personal opinion, BOW is the biggest upgrade Kujira has produced yet — providing a competitive decentralized exchange with large market depth and superior matching algorithms really pushes Kujira into the limelight.

With more liquidity on FIN, decentralized perps and options become much more efficient, with better trade execution. BOW will offer competitive yield farming APR to attract liquidity from external profit-takers, and the boys are in close contact with some incredibly large organizations who are looking to support us too. To me, this is *the* building block that sets us up for the next chapter.

Hans Secret Sauce

On second thought, maybe I need a new name for this, don’t want the cartel coming after me again. Jokes aside, Hans’ has been working his magic fingers to provide some upgrades for FIN and for the wider Cosmos community.

  1. Pinning the code IDs for FIN in memory to offer up to 40x speeds for validators.
  2. new HttpBatchClient for querying as many balances or CosmWasm smart contracts as you want with CosmJS without the overhead of one network roundtrip per request. (if you have no idea what this means, then don’t ask me)

It is plain for all to see how much talent Hans has in this field and I love to see him contribute to the global development of Cosmos.

DCentralize Partnership

For those that don’t know, DCentralize will be a web3-themed music festival in England happening during the summer of 2023. As they integrate more “web3” elements into their project, the boys have partnered with Kujira to help out with their front-end and back-end website development. Furthermore, with the Kujira wallet under development, it makes sense to use this as a payments solution at the festival, yet this is purely speculation on my part (for now…)

Finally, there will be many web3-native speakers at the festival, so perhaps there is a place for the core team to go up and strut their stuff? Only time will tell.

Shrimp Gang NFT 100% Minted

Created by two of the funniest community members we have, the Shrimp Gang collection has fully minted, with 420 NFTs finding new homes. The main Kujira and KujiKast Telegram groups were popping off all week, flooded with images of cracked out shrimps and kinky shrimp strippers. That’s not something I ever expected to say.

Funnily enough, I was sat beside the KujiKast boys as we minted our Shrimps, hoping the luck drought would finally finish (it didn’t). Huge congratulations to the boys behind this, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Closing Thoughts

With these chaotic few days behind us, the future looks bright. Shippers keep shipping, builders keep building, and i’ll… IDK I’ll keep writing stupid jokes. Thanks for reading again this week and I look forward to having your attention again in 7 days. Ciao!