Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.10


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GM Kujirans! I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. I’m ecstatic to say that Arsenal are STILL top of the league, and I’ll be going to see the Kujira fam in Lisbon soon — how’s that for a weekly roundup? This week’s episode is slightly quieter than usual, some might even say the calm before the storm… So buckle up and prepare for a huge month that includes our very first anniversary and Kujira Independence Day! In case you are new here, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

The Senate

Now that applications have been placed for The Senate, directed Twitter Spaces and Medium articles will be produced to allow the community to discuss and interact with each applicant. An article will be posted next week that summarises each applicant’s key points and information, keeping this organized in one place. Moreover, Twitter spaces will be arranged to allow these applicants to speak to the community and argue their best points as to why they should be voted in. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to be notified when these spaces will occur. To apply for a position in The Senate, click the link here.

Bitrue Lists KUJI

FINALLY! It’s about time another exchange listed KUJI… With over $3 billion in transactional volume over the last 24 hours, Bitrue becomes the next exchange to list KUJI. This offers a new way for investors to buy KUJI, advertises our product to a new host of customers, and provides more arbitrage opportunities for those skilled enough. We can only hope this leads to further listings down the line! Trading will begin tomorrow (8th November), for more details please see their tweet.

Kujirans Mint Week

This is just a very special reminder that our very own KUJIRANS mint is coming up this week on the 11th of November. Each KUJIRAN will mint for 999 stars, so make sure you have purchased some on FIN prior to the mint. Recall that the mint will take place on Stargaze, so follow KUJIRANS on Twitter to be notified when the mint page is active. Best of luck everyone, I hope to see all of your NFTs on the timeline soon.

UPDATE: As I’m writing this, some new alfa has dropped! The KUJIRANS x KujiKast episode on YT has been released today, followed by a new tweet explaining “The Blowhole”. The Blowhole is an alpha sub-group made up of the top 50 KUJIRANS holders and is dedicated to creating and capturing value for ALL KUJIRANS holders and KUJI stakers. As a sign of things to come, members of The Blowhole will be given access to BETA testing of the Kujira Wallet! I can’t wait to see further collaborations with The Blowhole in the future, who would’ve thought NFTs would be so grown-up?

New Black Whale Vaults

Black Whale have had a fantastic week, achieving over $1m in TVL and instantiating 2 new vaults. The two new vaults added are:

  • ampLUNA — USK
  • OSMO — axlUSDC

In fact, they also caught a killer trade on the KUJI-ATOM pair, boosting the APR for their vault depositors dramatically overnight. The APY at the time of writing is an extremely respectable 336%, so I’d like to congratulate the team and any LPs in this vault for that achievement.

Entropic Labs Mainnet Launch Soon

As my “dark horse” project, I’d like to share that Entropic Labs will launch on mainnet soon. Entropic Labs provides a source of verifiable randomness, something that is extremely difficult in a blockchain environment. Coding “random numbers” into a smart contract is impossible since validators need to agree on the state, so Entropic Labs have come up with a genius solution to this.

This allows protocol developers to plug in this verifiable randomness to dApps that require it, such as casinos or NFT mints. I urge anybody building on Kujira that requires randomness as a component of their dApp to contact the Entropic team for a partnership!

USK Interest Rate Dropped from 5% to 1%

“Demand first, supply later” has always been the mantra. Now that demand is exceeding supply, and the price of USK is quite often >$1, the interest rate has been dropped to 1%. Note that this will apply to existing positions too. With stATOM and nBTC as collateral soon, things are really picking up from our stablecoin!

Presentation at Bristol University

As many of you may know, I study in Bristol. In association with the Bristol Trading Society and Bristol FinTech society, myself and Dan hosted a presentation to discuss Kujira, student opportunities, and the Kujira Accelerator Program. The presentation was attended by nearly 50 students and led to several members joining their dedicated Kujira Discord channel to offer their help.

This marks the first of many university visits as we attempt to expand our network and entice a new wave of young talent to build on Kujira.

Closing Thoughts

As we finish episode 10 (yes TEN!) of the Weekly Roundup, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been involved and supported this series. Although this week was shorter than usual, next week promises to be a huge one with Independence Day just around the corner. I look forward to seeing you all here next week!