The $YUM Public Sale on Pilot ๐Ÿš€


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At Cacao Swap, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming public sale of $YUM, powered by the groundbreaking launchpad Pilot from our partners at Fuzion and Kujira. The smooth sale of $NAMI on their platform and their ability to instantly deploy the funds raised for liquidity has inspired us to follow suit and continue revolutionising the way tokens are launched in the Cosmos and crypto.

Key Dates ๐Ÿ“†

  • Public sale will take place between June 17th 12:00 GMT to June 20th 12:00 GMT.
  • Start: 17 JUNE 2024 @ 12:00 GMT
  • End: 20 JUNE 2024 @ 12:00 GMT
  • Link to the Pilot Sale:

What is Pilot?

Pilot is Fuzionโ€™s premier launchpad, designed in collaboration with Team Kujira to ensure a fair and efficient token launch process. It gives teams complete control over the number of tokens and their pricing, shifting away from first-come, first-served systems to a more strategic Dutch auction-based mechanism.

Following the auction, Pilot automatically lists the paired token on FIN (Kujiraโ€™s order book DEX) to enable it for trading where 100% of funds raised in stablecoins will be used to provide liquidity for the pair on BOW (Kujiraโ€™s liquidity hub that supports FIN).

Learn more about Pilot here and here

See this video guide by 

Vanessa Harris

 on how to use Pilot. And another one in Espanol here.

Preparing for the $YUM Launch

All you need to do to participate in the fair launch is have native (Noble) $USDC on your Kujira address. Pilot supports XDEFI wallet, Keplr wallet, Leap wallet and Sonar to name a few.

Supported wallets

Transferring $USDC liquidity into Kujira is easy. You can:

  • Use Circleโ€™s CCTP to bridge your native $USDC onto the Noble blockchain, and then send via IBC into Kujira here.
  • Use Cacao Swap to swap any asset available on Maya Protocol or Thorchain into Kujiraโ€™s native stablecoin $USK. You can then swap $USK to $USDC on a 1:1 basis here.

See a guide in Spanish on how to use CCTP here.

The $YUM Launch on Pilot

Here is how $YUM will launch specifically on Pilot:

Pilot Parameters

  • Link to the Pilot Sale:
  • $YUM will be set at a maximum discount price of $0.051 or a 5.1m FDV.
  • The Max discount will be 85% and each discount step will be 2%.
  • 15 minute bid activation time intervals
  • 5% of the token supply will be available (rally enough people and this can be increased)
  • $axlYUM will be sold for cosmos native (noble) $USDC on a Kujira address.

๐Ÿ’ก $YUM sold on Pilot is technically axl.YUM which is a bridged token from Arbitrum. It is an ERC-777 token minted on Ethereum and bridged using Axelar.

You will be able to bridge here.

Trading $YUM Immediately After the Sale

Option 1: will seed liquidity for an Arbitrum YUM/ CACAO Pool on Maya Protocol which allows users of Arbitrum and Cacao Swap to get easy access to the asset.

Option 2:

Shortly after the sale, Pilot will automatically enable the $YUM-$USDC pair on FIN (Kujiraโ€™s order book DEX) with 100% of the amount raised matched and liquidity added so that anyone can come in an trade.

๐Ÿ’ก Airdrops: Recall that $YUM will be airdropped to communities aligned with Cacao Swap prior to the sale, so consider this before trading.

Making $YUM Trading Seamless.

Join Cacao Swap on itโ€™s mission to build the best decentralised cross-chain swap product with some of the biggest names on the same mission.

You get the same starting price as the big names, a 5.1m FDV with no vesting.

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