The $NAMI Token


NAMI Protocol—a revolutionary DeFi solution—focuses on accessible, stable
yield opportunities that challenge traditional banking’s low rates.
By leveraging the power of the KUJIRA platform, Nami Protocol simplifies cryptocurrency for everyone, providing an online banking-like experience with the added benefit of superior yields.

The $NAMI token is integral to building a sustainable business model that
underpins our ambitious goals. It serves as a foundational tool for raising
necessary funds, creating a financial runway that accelerates our
development and growth.

Table of contents

The Business Model

NAMI’s business model can be described fairly simply: “We take custody of
user funds and deposit/withdraw them to yield generating protocols
(GHOST, BOW, etc.) so that the funds are always optimally distributed to
generate the best yield. For this service, we charge a fee.

The Fee

We charge a 15% performance fee on the PROFIT only. The
fee will be paid in our receipt token $naUSD, which can be redeemed for a
basket of stablecoins. If not redeemed, it keeps accruing interest.

Key Functionalities of $NAMI

There’s no need to overcomplicate things. You get real cashflow and decentralization.

  • Revenue Sharing: Token holders can stake $NAMI (with a 14-day unstaking period) to earn real yield. Remarkably, 100% of the protocol’s revenue is distributed:
    • 90% to $NAMI stakers
    • 10% to $KUJI stakers
  • Governance Participation: As the protocol matures, governance features will be introduced, allowing token holders to have a say in key decisions and the direction of the protocol.

The Tokenomics

*Used for seeding liquidity on BOW, additional fund raising in later stages for
things like credit cards, treasury swaps and more.

The Sale Details

To ensure a fully fair launch, we’re going to use the PILOT launchpad
built by Kujira x Fuzion.

The Litepaper

Before you decide whether you want to take part in this PILOT sale, take a few minutes to read our litepaper.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly via Discord or Telegram.
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