The Final Countdown to $KUJI


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TGE Friday

Tomorrow is our Token Generation Event and we’re putting the finishing touches on everything to prepare for a smooth launch of $KUJI. So far, so good. Here’s a round-up of our last, fairly sleepless, and frenetic, couple of days:

  • Our IDO on StarTerra hit our target in 100 minutes and went on to be the largest subscribed launch on their platform to date with over $10.5 million committed by over 5,000 participants.
  • ORCA was put through her paces when a blip in $LUNA’s price meant $21 million in collateral was liquidated in under 35 minutes.
  • Between TwitterTelegram, and AMAs we’ve answered thousands of questions about Kujira, $KUJI, ORCA, BELUGA, and our future plans. So, here’s some alpha for you about tomorrow’s TGE.
Whalecome to Kujira

Lessons learned

We’ve paid close attention to prior launches and consulted with as many veterans of the process as we could, and here’s what we’ve learned:

Bots are going to manipulate. If there’s an edge to be found, there’s a bot to do it. Specifically, they’re scanning the chain looking for the first block to buy up all the tokens issued as cheap as they can. When liquidity is added to the pool, bots are fast enough to send a transaction in the same block. Something a human cannot match. We can’t eliminate them but we can reduce their edge.

Beware the bots

This time it’s different

We’re levelling the playing field by making our launch as transparent as possible.

We will accomplish this by publishing the token and LP addresses in advance of the launch. They will be available to everyone.

We will publish the exact time we will target to add liquidity, reducing the advantage bots have over humans.

Bot owners will know that everyone else knows, and will hopefully be discouraged from deploying if their advantage is diminished.

Time to reduce their advantage

Where & when is this going down?

$KUJI will list on TerraSwap at 12pm (midday) UTC tomorrow (Friday 19, November). You can easily trade and stake tokens via a dApp we have made.

World, meet BLUE. Be gentle, she’s only a baby.

The $KUJI token contract address is: terra1xfsdgcemqwxp4hhnyk4rle6wr22sseq7j07dnn

Once the timer reaches zero, the complete app will come online, but here’s a sneak peek:

Swap between UST and KUJI
Stake your KUJI/UST LP to earn KUJI

And one more thing

Again, on the advice of mentors whose experience we respect, we’ve made the call to reduce the initial market cap from $1,206,225 down to $1,014,862 by reducing the Liquidity pool.

We’ve been advised that given the relatively small circulation at TGE, this will be more than sufficient to handle the volume of trade and allow for more realistic growth.

This also frees up extra liquidity to use for pools on LOOPPylon, and Astroport.

We’ll see you on the other side, and obviously, look out for announcements soon!

Stay Bullish.