Simplifying Financial Growth for Modern Savers


TLDR: Discover NAMI’s MVP designed for modern savers! Helping people to focus on the important areas of their life and still be in a good financial position. It’s a hassle-free dApp to grow your funds.

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Welcome back to the NAMI journey. If you’re new, feel free to catch up on the introductory article. With Kujira gaining traction, it’s the perfect time to introduce NAMI’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) functions to you. I want to offer you a glimpse into my thoughts on easy and secure financial growth and what you can expect to see in Q1 2024.

Target Personas: Bridging the Crypto Gap

During the MVP development, the focus is on two key personas: Young Professional Savers and Parental Future Planners. They represent today’s savers who are keen on growing their funds but missing out on the opportunity our beloved crypto world offers. The MVP is tailored to give them a smooth start.

Exploring NAMI’s MVP Features

Let’s dive right in and take a closer look at what NAMI’s MVP will offer. Of course, there are many more features to be built. But NAMI’s development will always be based on user feedback only:

  • Sign-Up and Onboarding: Connecting with Sonar is all you need to get started. It’s simple and hassle-free.
  • Funding the Account: If you find the solutions in Sonar are not enough, we’ve got you covered. We’ll offer a diverse set of 3rd party integrations to find the best solution for your situation. A compounding calculator will support you in defining your optimal monthly savings rate.
  • Investing Made Simple: Just hit the “Invest” button, and you’re set. NAMI takes care of choosing the most profitable stablecoin to lend and all the rest.
  • Monitoring the Investment: Our user-friendly interface keeps you updated on your investment’s performance with easy-to-understand metrics & future value calculators.
  • Off-Ramping: When you’re ready to withdraw, the process is straightforward and intuitive. You’ll again be offered the best solution for your situation.

User Stories: Illustrating NAMI’s User-Centric

User stories highlight how an application is built around the needs and experiences of the target personas. I’ll share with you one of NAMI’s user stories which keeps the development focused on the user. It offers a glimpse into the simplicity and assurance NAMI aims to provide. The story does contain more features than you’ll see in the MVP.

Young Professional — Hassle-Free Financial Journey

As a Young Professional Saver (YPS) aged between 20–35 with a moderate to high level of tech-savviness but little to no knowledge about cryptocurrencies or traditional investments, I want a hassle-free and secure digital platform where I can effortlessly grow my savings for my short to medium-term goals like buying a house, starting a family, owning my dream car or travel the world. I want to focus on the fun things in life and don’t want to worry about the stock market or the next crypto hype.

Scenario 1: Sign-Up and Onboarding

  • I decide to give NAMI a try after seeing a YouTuber mentioning it. I’ve also heard from my friends studying that they saw NAMI on their campus.
  • I easily sign up using my Google/Apple credentials and set up 2FA for added security.
  • I land on the home screen and get prompted with a multi-step explanation about NAMI and its risks. I see options to ask questions if I have doubts.
  • I have the option to store the seed phrase to the wallet myself, use TouchID or FaceID instead or pay a 3rd party to store it for me.
  • I finish the setup in under 5 minutes and agree to the terms of the app.

Scenario 2: Funding My Account

  • I want to transfer some money to start my investment journey.
  • I find it straightforward to transfer money from my bank account to my NAMI account using the available on-ramping solutions tailored to my region.
  • At each step I find little information icons to learn more about that topic. If I ever feel insecure, I can open a support conversation within 1 click.
  • I appreciate the educational content that helps me understand the process.
  • After a successful transfer, I see the status of my funds via a tracker. I always know what’s happening.

Scenario 3: Investing My Funds

  • The dashboard is intuitive, showing me the current interest rate and the amount ready to be invested.
  • I understand that there’s no lockup. I also learn about the fees charged by using the app.
  • I see that I can create multiple vaults with different targets and risk levels.
  • I click on the “Invest” button, choose the vault to invest in, and the amount. I get a prompt about what will happen and need to confirm it.
  • NAMI takes care of everything else for me.

Scenario 4: Monitoring My Investment

  • Over time, I regularly check the development of my investment through the app.
  • The home screen is very clean. I get an understanding of the funds invested, the performance, the projected gains in the future & the development of the interest rate.
  • NAMI regularly checks for more rewarding stablecoin strategies with the same risk profile and moves funds if needed.
  • I start to learn more about managing my finances through the educational area in the app.

Scenario 5: Off-Ramping My Earnings

  • I decide to withdraw some earnings to fund a professional education.
  • The off-ramp is user-friendly, guiding me on how to transfer my earnings back to my bank account effortlessly. I already know the process from on-ramping.
  • I feel reassured that I can access my funds whenever I need them, and am motivated to continue my financial growth journey with NAMI.

Looking Ahead: The Journey Beyond MVP

This awesome MVP is just the beginning. We’re working on an algorithm to continuously find the best yield opportunities within Kujira for your stablecoin. Plus, we aim to simplify account creation even further with a background Sonar Wallet setup. But this is just a vision and far from reality ;-). Yet.


NAMI’s vision is becoming reality faster than I could have ever imagined. Stay connected by following us on Twitter. If you want to play an active part in NAMI’s development and help with tough decisions, leave your email in the form below. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to develop NAMI.