Nami Protocol: An Introduction


For all of you that need to check the prices every 5 min, here’s the TLDR😉:

The vision: Opening up DeFi to millions of new users, without asking them to solve a puzzle.

This will bring totally new capital to KUJIRA and substantially support its growth and YOUR next mastermind strategy. In a first step NAMI will leverage KUJIRA’s money market GHOST to offer stable yields on USD deposits. We will offer an enhanced savings account with over market interest rates, alongside a “retirement” feature for a steady monthly payout from user capital. Saving has never been easier nor more attractive. Of course this time without artificial incentives 🥲.

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Make DeFi accessible for EVERYONE

Why is a chunk of the world’s wealth hesitant to step into the high-yield playground of DeFi? Even with power players like USDT and USDC, we’re just nibbling at the edges of what’s possible. $125 billion tied up in all existing stablecoins, pale in comparison to the $2.3 trillion USD floating in traditional avenues.

Source: YCharts

The elephant in the room? The knotty complexity of DeFi, which keeps many on the sidelines, their assets stuck in old-school, low-yield vaults.

Here’s where NAMI Protocol steps in — your easy access into the promising world of DeFi. The goal is simple: cut through the complexity & open up the high-yield stablecoin market to everyone. No fuss, no hurdles, just a straightforward, secure pathway to better earnings.

In the sections ahead, we’ll unfold the vision and mission of NAMI Protocol. We’re here to build bridges, making the promising yet intricate world of DeFi an open field for EVERYONE’s wealth to flourish. This isn’t just about what NAMI aims to do; it’s a rallying cry to the crypto community. A call to come together, and push the DeFi space into a new era of user centric development, growth and inclusivity.

As you delve deeper, you might find a thought will form in your head. Something like: “This is the little bit of extra fuel we’ve been missing for KUJIRA’s exponential take off.”

The Unseen Iceberg

DeFi is a place where many of the smartest individuals have gathered together to create something truly revolutionary — A new and more transparent financial system. Money Market, Automated Market Makers, Privacy Coins, Infrastructure and so much more have been created for us to grow our wealth. But let’s finally face it!

The space is unbelievably hard to understand and many people will therefore never attempt to learn it. NAMI stands for inclusivity. We think they should not be left behind.

Here’s a surprising fact: over $100 billion out of $125 billion in stablecoins are swirling around on Ethereum and TRON. Why? They are familiar territories, despite their transaction fees. Or used heavily by centralized entities. Now, look at the Cosmos ecosystem, it’s much more capital efficient, but holds less than 2%. Why? Because you almost need a degree to navigate it.

Source: DefiLlama

Do you remember Terra Luna’s UST and Anchor Protocol? They made earning a 20% yield so simple, even my Dad heard of it. That’s the ballpark I am aiming for. I want EVERYONE to earn solid yields without breaking a sweat. Perhaps even pay their bills from this account. Of course, without artificially inflating the interest rate!

NAMI is not here to add more layers of complexity. It’s here to tear down the walls, making DeFi a walk in the park for everyone. Always following the KUJIRA ethos — keeping things user-friendly, transparent, and safe.

To wrap it up: The user brings the USD, NAMI handles the DeFi magic while keeping the risk for the user to an absolute minimum.

The Dream: Your Simple Gateway to DeFi

The vision: Opening up DeFi to millions of new users, without asking them to solve the puzzle. A gateway that invites a wave of new users to KUJIRA. Outside users will bring their $ to KUJIRA. Meaning there are more stablecoins available for YOUR advanced financial strategies. This, in turn, attracts other crypto users to bring even more capital, making the ecosystem more efficient and attractive. New developers and projects will follow.

The first step: Tapping into KUJIRA’s money market to provide stable yields for those who deposit their funds. The higher the stablecoin supply, the more attractive KUJIRA becomes for investors. NAMI aims to create an advanced savings account offering an attractive (hopefully fixed) yield while helping the user to optimize his saving and taxing process. Additionally NAMI will offer a retirement feature. The user can generate a fixed and calculable monthly payout on his capital.

A clear goal: a solid MVP definition before December 23. From there, it’s all about feedback, iteration and improving — over and over again. I don’t THINK about what the users want. I ASK them. Until finally DeFi is even more accessible than web2.

Be a part of the change!

The journey of NAMI Protocol is not just ours, it’s yours too. Your thoughts, discussions, and engagement are the fuel that will drive us forward in making DeFi simple and accessible for everyone.

I invite you to share your thoughts and opinions on Twitter. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or a content creator, let’s start a public dialogue about NAMI. The more voices, the richer the conversation!

Stay in the loop with all things NAMI by following the account on Twitter or leaving your email down below for direct updates. There’s an exciting announcement about a Twitter space on the horizon — you won’t want to miss it!

The project is still in its early chapters, and your active participation is key. Know that active community members will definitely be acknowledged.

Thank you!

Lastly I want to take the time to say: Thank you. I know all of us have busy lives and so I really value your time reading this article. I’ve never thought to end up at this point but KUJIRA’s community creates a feeling of empowerment that I have never felt before.

A Special thanks to all those people that already gifted me their time
and thoughts. I’m so excited about the next few months.