Never Stop Raising : How To use Ignition, Pilot and Bonds

Never Stop Building with Fuzion. Image from the amazing

Builders, the game has changed. Projects can now raise at any point in their development lifecycle. Whether it’s the runway needed to progress from idea to MVP, a project ready to launch to the public, or an established protocol requiring resources to expand, we’ve got the tools you need to access the resources you require.

This means you have a LOT more freedom in how you structure your tokenomics. Let’s dive in.

PHASE 1 : Runway

PRODUCT : Ignition

You have a big idea. Maybe even THE idea. Everyone wants to get involved, but you just need some funding to take things further; you aren’t ready for your token to be on the market. This is where Ignition comes into play; to raise limited funding from people who want to get in early. This is high risk, high reward, because these participants are likely the ones waiting the longest before getting their tokens.

Ignition allows you to have total control, from who gets to participate, to when they receive their tokens and how much they’re allowed to buy. It’s the perfect tool to build the strongest foundations possible.

PHASE 2 : Public


At this stage, you have progressed significantly. Your idea isn’t just a concept. There’s a Whitepaper, dev, design and maybe even an MVP on testnet. Or maybe you’ve already got a live version in beta. Wherever you are, you’re ready for the next step; taking your token public.

There’s no better way to do this than using Pilot; while it’s up to you to gauge the price range you think is fair for your token, every participant in a sale places their bids at a price they are willing to pay. It’s the ultimate fair discovery process.

Once more, you’re in control of every variable in the sale design. Pilot handles much more than just the sale; once it’s complete, it automatically triggers the tokenomics, creates a trading pair and provides liquidity from your treasury. It will even add your token to the Cosmos chain registry and the Kujira UI. Convenient, because we can almost guarantee at this point a million other things are demanding your full attention.

PHASE 3 : Expansion


Things are moving! You’ve launched a product, your user base is growing, you’re growing, and you need to raise more capital for the next phase of development. It’s time to put the protocol treasury to work!

Bonds allow you to raise funds from your most ardent supporters; the exact people most likely to benefit from the things you are going to accomplish.

Bonds deliver the capital you need immediately, while bond buyers are incentivised to delay receiving their token by being offered a great price.

The biggest benefit to Bonds is that buyers don’t sacrifice liquidity; they receive bTOKENs which they can buy and sell while they wait for the bond to mature. This also means your present circulating supply doesn’t suddenly balloon. It’s a WIN-WIN situation. And you can do it as often as you need to.


The fundamentals of building successful protocols haven’t changed. You need a great idea, underpinning a quality product, with passionate, loyal users. There are no shortcuts.

However, these three products together have a significant impact on how you fund that development. Capitalising at each point in that journey has unique needs and challenges, and Fuzion’s launch suite gives you access to tools designed specifically for each phase, all available in one place, making it really easy for you to focus on your most important asset; the protocol you’re building.

Success takes a combination of luck and planning, and you only have control of one of those. A good long term strategy for how your protocol’s treasury is utilised is the difference between a damp squib and heading into orbit. 


Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way, all our products are available to help you. Ignition, Pilot and Bonds are permissionless and self-service. If you need more info there’s plenty to be found in our Docs hub and you can take each product for a spin on Testnet. If your questions still aren’t answered, reach out to our knowledgeable, enthusiastic community. They’ve experienced plenty of sales, know their stuff and are eager to see you succeed.

If you want to listen to us talking about how our suite works together to connect capital with ideas, give this spaces a listen.
*Many thanks to the amazing @Tieg for the featured image.