Our product isn’t aimed at you, crypto degen.

Cover picture pointing out NAMI has a different target group.

Nami focuses on a completely different target group, but YOUR portfolio will still be happy.

We received a lot of amazing feedback after launching our landing page! If you haven’t checked it out, head over to https://namifi.app

So many bright minds shared their thoughts, resonating with our vision. After this huge motivational push, we are even more determined to create real value for everyone.

While reading through all of your thoughts, I came across an interesting question on X. Someone was asking if a DeFi degen needs Nami’s functionality. This is an excellent opportunity for me to clarify and set people’s expectations straight!

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What problem are we trying to solve with NAMI?


As it gets pointed out quite often, Kujira currently still lacks the financial efficiency to digest “big” liquidity. Now there’s two ways to solve it. Either you try to attract / provide liquidity that is already in the crypto space. MantaDAO is doing a fantastic job here. And then there are the normies. People with immense amounts of liquidity are just sitting on savings accounts earning almost nothing because everything seems too risky. 

Here’s where NAMI comes into play. Bringing the fair financial revolution “Kujira” to normies. How? With a suite of products, so simple and easy to understand and use, that there will be no excuses to avoid earning attractive yields.

Our primary focus is on a simple user experience rather than building some innovative, never seen before blockchain technology.

Who are we targeting?

To build a successful business, we must be conscious of our target audience. Every step we take needs to serve the best interest of our target demographic. So who do we see as our key userbase?

Mood picture showing crowds of people that represent young professional savers & parental future planners

Young Professional – Hassle-Free Financial Journey. 

As a Young Professional Saver aged between 20–35 with a moderate to high level of tech-savviness but little to no knowledge or interest about cryptocurrencies or traditional investments, I want a hassle-free and secure digital platform where I can effortlessly grow my savings for my short to medium-term goals like buying a house, starting a family, owning my dream car, or travelling the world. I want to focus on the fun things in life and don’t want to worry about the stock market or the next crypto hype. I’m used to figuring stuff out “on the go”, so a feature demo will get me going quite fast. I speak to my friends about financial topics and tend to trust them easily.

Parental Future Planner: Future Parent – Creating a secure foundation. 

As a future parent or parent aged between 28-45 with a moderate to high level of tech-savviness and a small to moderate knowledge of TradFi solutions, my main goal is to create a solid foundation I can build my family on in the next few years. I clearly prefer managing my finances online and have a need for a bigger financial cushion. I invest in what I can understand easily, taking risks with only a small portion of my portfolio. I understand the power of compounding wealth and want to take advantage of it. Ideally, I use set & forget strategies to have more time for my family or earning more money in my job.

Why are NEW users so important?

They bring unlimited potential. 

We think it is crucial to understand the connection between new users and the potential future growth of the entire Kujira ecosystem. We’re basically tapping into an unlimited well of money.

NAMI will serve as an entry point to our fair financial system. Besides offering a very basic product, we’ll enable our users to step by step learn, explore, and utilize more of our ecosystem.

Enabled by a close collaboration with Kujira Academy, users will never feel lost but rather motivated to go off and experiment on their own. Which, let’s be honest, leads to buying KUJI.

Then, what are YOUR advantages when using NAMI?

TLDR: Forget the desire to FOMO your sidelined funds; your liquidity is about to become significantly more productive.

NAMI harnesses Kujira’s ecosystem to effortlessly generate yield on your stablecoins. It takes the legwork out of earning by automatically allocating your assets where they’ll yield the most — without requiring constant oversight from you. This synergy of high yields and maintained liquidity is invaluable in the crypto market.

We’re helping you establish a solid investment strategy that doesn’t compromise on earning potential or market readiness. NAMI strikes this balance, ensuring your funds are not only ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice, but are also growing in the interim.

To be clear: You can do everything we offer manually by yourself. It just requires lots of time, energy, and attention, as well as a little bit of math.


NAMI is primarily designed to lower market entry barriers and offer a safe passage for new users to our ecosystem. For us degens, it is set to change the way we think about portfolio allocation, marrying accessibility with performance.

Matrix like digital bridge leading up to the KUJIRA logo. NAMI holds the hand of the user.

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