Kujira is for Everyone: Community Spotlight #2


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Kujira is not just another blockchain project. It’s an ever-growing ecosystem, fueled by passionate community members from diverse backgrounds who believe in the transformative power of decentralized finance. Today, we dive deep into the experiences and stories of three such community members — Alex, Velcro, and Brob.

Alex: Bridging the Gap Between Arts, Music, and DeFi

Background: Alex’s journey is as diverse as they come. From studying biology to venturing into the Art & Music sphere, technology was never in his initial sights.

Discovering Kujira: It was 2022 when Alex’s friend, Forchan, introduced him to Kujira. It didn’t take long for Alex to be intrigued by Kujira’s unique approach to DeFi. Eventually the duo created the validator Rorcual Nodes.

Blockchain and Kujira: Alex firmly believes in the decentralization of information and services. With Kujira’s user-centric design and the vibrancy of its community, he found his foundation to delve deeper into the crypto universe. He has now become a Kujira team member and passionate community manager brandishing ever-sharpening developer expertise.

The Community Impact: The camaraderie during challenging times, especially following Terra’s crash, remains etched in Alex’s heart. He appreciates Kujira’s mission of making finance simple and accessible.

Words of Wisdom for Newcomers: For those treading the waters of Kujira, Alex advises taking the time to grasp the solutions its products offer and engaging actively with the community.

Velcro: From Industrial Electrician to Kujira Evangelist

Background: Velcro, at 35, has donned many hats — an industrial electrician, a systems engineer, and a family man with a deep passion for technology and human evolution.

Introduction to Kujira: Velcro’s discovery of Kujira was organic. He came to know of it through his engagements on Terra and quickly grew fond of sKUJI, which remains his favorite blockchain innovation.

Kujira & Velcro: After Kujira launched its own network, Velcro cofounded the KujiDAO community validator and shipped the Kujira affiliated NFT project Kujirans. Kujirans gave 50% of its mint revenue back to KUJI stakers and strengthened Kujira & Stargaze’s relationship.

Blockchain’s Potential: Velcro views the decentralized economy as a safeguard against potential financial downturns caused by irresponsible government decisions.

Community Learnings: Kujira has transformed Velcro’s perspective on wealth. Instead of chasing numbers, he now values understanding the underlying concepts of finance.

Kujira’s Role in the Future: Velcro envisions a world where Kujira pioneers the melding of traditional and decentralized finance, heralding a new era in financial systems.

Final Thoughts: Velcro encourages those resonating with his story to connect and engage, amplifying the essence of community in the Kujira ecosystem.

Brob: Las Vegas Native to Crypto Trailblazer

Meet Brob: From Las Vegas’ vibrancy, Brob’s love for sports and engineering led him to casino finance. By 2021, he directed his own crypto hedge fund, highlighting KUJI.

Kujira & Brob: Initiated by Orca within Terra, Brob was drawn to Kujira, staying loyal even amidst challenges, largely due to the innovative team.

The Blockchain Allure: Post-2008 crisis caution drew him to blockchain, seeing it not merely as technology but as a transformative force.

Navigating the Kujira Waters: Brob’s journey with Kujira is marked by collaborations and admiration, notably with contributors like MantaDao.

The DeFi Dive: Orca stood out for Brob, emphasizing the importance of solid liquidation mechanisms.

Cross-Chain Chronicles: Brob was instrumental in KUJI’s cross-chain endeavors, particularly with MantaDao.

A Glimpse Ahead: Brob envisions Orca as the key liquidation engine and has a soft spot for Kujira merchandise.

Brob’s Beacon for Newbies: Brob’s advice: Engage in the community and find your niche.

The Kujira Impact: Beyond profitable investments, Brob values the strategic insights and connections Kujira offers.

Moments to Cherish: Global connections, like with Pragmatic Monkey, are more than networking; they’re about shared visions.

The Kujira Essence: For Brob, Kujira is more than DeFi; it’s an ecosystem revolutionizing finance.

Parting Notes: Emphasizing community and innovation, Brob celebrates Kujira’s potential and the shared dream of a decentralized future.

Kujira’s potential is unlimited, but its real power lies in our community. The shared vision of a decentralized, equitable future unites members like Alex, Velcro and Brob, showcasing the inclusivity of the ecosystem. Whether you’re a newbie or a DeFi expert, there’s a space for everyone in the Kujira family.