Introducing $YUM: The Token Powering Cacao Swap


At the heart of Cacao Swap is the $YUM token, designed to foster collaboration within the wider cross-chain community by providing revenue-sharing and governance for its stakeholders.

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Cacao Swap is a supercharged user interface (UI) for Maya Protocol and Thorchain, facilitating a user-first experience for cross-chain swaps.

Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

It offers seamless access to Maya-native services like cross-chain swaps, liquidity provision with ILP (Impermanent Loss Protection), Savers, and synthetics, and access to Thorchain for comprehensive coverage of trading pairs.

Cacao Swap goes beyond by adding unique features like portfolio management, meme mode, arb opportunity spotting, and seamless connection to multiple wallet providers, including Metamask (and Rabby), Keplr, Leap, xDefi and Keystore simultaneously.

We believe decentralized swap rails deserve CEX-like interfaces, and Cacao Swap exists to make this experience as seamless as possible.

Key Metrics

  • Max Supply: 100 million $YUM (fixed supply)
  • Genesis Supply: 81 million $YUM (81%)
  • Vesting Period: 14 months
  • $YUM token standard: ERC-777
  • $YUM token contracts:

Ethereum: 0xcE682c89C63d2850Cb2ca898E44D6c7c30d897a6

Arbitrum: 0x9F41b34f42058a7b74672055a5fae22c4b113Fd1

(Axelar) Kujira: ibc/507BE7E33F06026652F519AD4D36716251F2D34DF04514A905D3B19A7D8130F7

(Axelar) Osmosis: ibc/21D8071EF5B02A86D945430D859A594CBF28287D38104A264BB9FD3B22BBF5DE

Key Takeaways

Airdrop: 8% of the total $YUM supply will be airdropped to users of CALC Finance, stakers of Kujira and MantaDAO, and holders of The Mids, Maya Masks, Shrimp Gang, Rekt Bulls and Galactic Mining Club NFTs.

Voldrop: Another 8% of $YUM is reserved for the ‘Voldrop’: an airdrop to Cacao Swap users based on their trading volume. Four Voldrop seasons will run for a year, starting on March 10th 2024.

Token Sales: To ensure widespread access to the token, a public sale on Pilot and a WL sale on Ignition will be held. OTC deals with aligned partners will also help build PoL (Protocol-owned liquidity).

Utility: Staking $YUM (once the staking module goes live) will let you earn the lion’s share of Cacao Swap’s fee revenue and participate in DAO governance.

Liquidity: The token sales proceeds (“liquidity efforts”) go to bootstrapping liquidity on Kujira’s BOW ($axl.YUM / $USK), Maya liquidity pools ($arb.YUM / $CACAO), and more.

The $YUM token logo.

Token Utility

  1. Revenue sharing: 100% of fee revenue generated from Cacao Swap usage, including swaps, liquidity provision, savings deposits, synthetics minting, etc, will be shared amongst $YUM stakers.
  2. Governance rights: $YUM stakeholders will have voting rights once the Cacao Swap DAO is established.

Supply Distribution

The $YUM distribution:


Treasury (43% — 43,000,000 YUM)

Treasury funds support operations and the continuous development of Cacao Swap, ensuring its long-term sustainability and strategic growth. Released at genesis without any lockup period and controlled by the Cacao Swap DAO through a multi-sig.

Airdrop (8% — 8,000,000 YUM)

This genesis airdrop will be distributed as follows:


Voldrop (8% — 8,000,000 YUM)

The Voldrop rewards active Cacao Swap users for their activity. It runs in a four-season format for a year, where a quarter of the $YUM allocation is distributed to traders proportional to their swap volume. Tracking began on March 10th 2024, and includes trades originating and/or destined from/to Maya or Kujira for Season 1.

Liquidity Efforts (30% — 30,000,000 $YUM)

Building deep liquidity for $YUM pairs on chosen AMMs:

  • Public Sale (5% — 5,000,000 $YUM): Public sale of $YUM on Fuzion’s Pilot launchpad, offering a ‘bidding’ system for fair price discovery based on sentiment. 100% of proceeds go into liquidity bootstrapping.
  • OTC Deals (23% — 23,000,000 $YUM): Over-the-counter sales or token swaps with other protocols and partners for liquidity building.
  • Liquidity Incentives (2% — 2,000,000 $YUM): Incentives for $YUM pools on chosen AMMs.

Core Contributors (11% — 11,000,000 YUM)

Funds allocated to the core contributors that have taken Cacao Swap to where it is today and those that will continue to do so in the future. Released linearly over twelve months, starting on Month 2, to ensure their long-term alignment.

Release Schedule

$YUM Release Schedule

The entire supply of $YUM will be vested in 14 months. 81% or 81,000,000 tokens will be released at genesis as airdrops, liquidity and treasury funds.

Straightforward release schedule

$YUM Tokenomics — FAQs

What address will I receive my $YUM airdrops?

The chads at Axelar have wrapped our token as axl.YUM to make it available on Kujira. All Cosmos-related airdrops will be sent to Kujira address(es), i.e., CALC Finance users, Kujira and Manta DAO stakers, The Mids, Shrimp Gang, Rekt Bulls, and Galactic Mining Club.

Only the Maya Masks (On Ethereum)  $YUM airdrop (dates TBD) will be sent to its respective 0x address on Arbitrum to avoid any hefty gas fees associated with Ethereum L1.

Who funded the project?

What’s unique about this project is that the core contributors fully subsidised the building costs. No seed or pre-seed capital was required to fund the development of Cacao Swap.

Can you share the roadmap?

The roadmap will be released before the public sale. In the meantime, you can use the app to swap, LP, meme-trade, pro-trade, check markets, your portfolio, your transactions, and much more.

Individual articles will also cover the nooks and crannies of the Voldrop, Token utility, Airdrop, and the much-anticipated Pilot Sale 🚀.

Closing notes;

We’re doing this one for the people.

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