Introducing Flows, and our first Flowdrop


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We are celebrating the launch of Flows with the first Flowdrop, rewarding yFUZN stakers and governance voters. If you did either or both of these, read on to find out what Flows is, and how to claim your share of 150,000 qcFUZN.

What is Flows?

Flows is a new product from Fuzion. Using the same scheduling process used by dApps like Bonds and Ignition, anyone can create a flow from one address to others. It’s perfect for DAOs requiring a reliable and transparent way to move funds, payment of salaries, services, rent, or subscriptions. It will be useful to freelancers and contractors, protocols and content creators.

We plan to integrate Flows into other products like Dust Buster and will release additional features making it even more useful in the future.

We go into more detail about using Flows in our docs hub here.

What is a Flowdrop?

Similar to an airdrop, a flowdrop dispenses tokens to recipients. A flowdrop is claimed through the Inflows dashboard. The sender decides how long it takes for the tokens to be completely available to the recipient (AKA the cliff and vesting periods), controlling the velocity at which tokens enter circulation.

Creating multiple flows allows subsets of recipients to receive tokens at different speeds (our flowdrop is a good example of this, more detail below).

This convenient, cost effective and precise distribution gives the sender (AKA the dispenser) tight control over who gets rewarded, how much, and when, while also controlling how the tokens enter the market.

The Fuzion Flowdrop

We created over 2600 flows to 9 groups distributing 150,000 qcFUZN over the course of more than 120 days. Participants are eligible for up to 7 out of 9 of the groups.

We used qcFUZN for the flowdrop so the tokens earn yield while they wait to be claimed, and we get to support a fellow Kujira product. Shout out to Quark Protocol for all the great work they do.

Flowdrop Qualifiers

Let’s break down who, why, and how much. We rewarded all aspects of participation, with greater commitment earning larger rewards released faster. We divided the flowdrop into three portions and allocated an amount to each, like so

  1. Duration of Staking — 45,000
  2. Amount Staked — 45,000
  3. Governance Participation — 60,000

We divided the Duration and Amount recipients into three sections each, based on the duration of staking or the amount staked. The governance proposal amount is allocated equally among the three props, with each allocation split evenly amongst the voters on that proposal.

We took snapshots and removed addresses staking less than 500 FUZN from the Duration and Amount recipient groups to prevent the reward from diluting too much.

All participants in governance are included.

Conversely, FUZN holders who deposited with Quark to get qcFUZN are included in the Duration and Amount portions, but excluded from governance.

Each flow is separated like so:

  1. Duration
    First fortnight of staking — 20,000 qcFUZN over 60 days
    Second fortnight of staking — 15,000 qcFUZN over 80 days
    After first 4 weeks and before snapshot — 10,000 qcFUZN over 100 days

It’s possible to be in more than one of these groups, depending on when you staked and when (if ever) you unstaked.

2. Amount
Top 30% by total staked — 20,000 qcFUZN over 80 days
Second 30% by total staked — 15,000 qcFUZN over 100 days
Remainder staking 500 FUZN or more — 10,000 qcFUZN over 120 days

3. Governance Participation
Prop 01 — 20,000 qcFUZN over 80 days
Prop 02 — 20,000 qcFUZN over 80 days
Prop 03 — 20,000 qcFUZN over 80 days

Claim Your Flows

Log onto and connect your address. Click on the Inflows tab to see the flows you are receiving, including information about

  • First Claim Date — when you can start claiming.
  • Flow Progress — how far along the flow is.
  • Allocation — total qcFUZN you will receive from the flow.
  • Claimed — how much you have already claimed.
  • Claimable — how much is available to claim.

And remember, every flow claimed pays a 0.5% commission to yFUZN stakers, so all current yFUZN stakers ultimately benefit.

If you’d like to sned a Flow, hit the Create button and give it a try. There are step by step instructions here.

If you’re a Protocol and want to set up your own Flowdrop, reach out and we’ll help get it done.

Happy claiming!