Gojira: Kujira’s revolutionary NFT Marketplace


We at WinkHUB are excited to announce our secret project: a sustainable NFT marketplace built on a revolutionary tech stack (Ursula) that enables higher creator earnings, more platform revenue, fair & bot-free launches, mint customization, NFT-Fi, RWA integrations, and a major new KUJI use case. Gojira brings Grown-Up DeFi to NFTs in the same way ORCA pioneers a new approach to liquidations.

Furthermore, we are proud to showcase WINK’s new, upcoming tokenomics. In our new model, staking WINK could easily be the number one way to earn KUJI–all from real revenue and real yield. Moreover, there are a host of other changes that we think will together propel WINK to be a top tier crypto asset.

This is our first public foray into everything exciting that is coming soon. Now let’s dig in!

Table of Contents

The NFT Marketplace

In the last few years, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have ballooned in popularity due to their ability to track and amplify various social trends, represent tradeable ownership for some uniquely identifiable digital asset, personalize digital identity, and enable new types of business models that leverage the programmable and social nature of distributed ledger technology.

Kujira’s singular mantra has always been Grown-Up DeFi. Gojira reimagines NFTs, the Kujira way, to empower creators, builders, enthusiasts, and everyone else involved. As longtime NFT fans, we want Gojira to be a revolutionary native Kujira platform for tokenized assets that will allow non-fungible tokens to realize their full potential by leveraging Kujira’s composable tech stack.

We have been core supporters of the Kujira community since the very beginning through its highs and lows. We espouse Kujira’s values to take the harder path and build something real. Gojira plans to deliver this new technology in the familiar guise of an NFT marketplace inspired by Godzilla.

New KUJI Use Case

So you’re probably wondering. What is this about a new KUJI use case?

Traditionally, NFT marketplaces benefit from the psychology of spending with a token instead of with stables–as this makes it significantly easier for price floors to increase over time due to a disconnect between the relative value of an asset over time and the NFT price in terms of that asset. Of course, for real world assets, we plan to adopt the use of USK as the mint and trade base as it is stable. This will help push USK demand in the ecosystem and make BOW stablecoin LPs work more efficiently!

For the more traditional NFTs, we plan for them to mint and trade in terms of KUJI. In other words, creators will raise KUJI and as the platform earns revenue from related mints & trades, it’ll all be KUJI. This means you will now be able to spend your KUJI to buy NFTs–whose floors will increase with the growth of the Kujira ecosystem–keeping us in perfect alignment.


Goji is Gojira’s mascot, a cute little Godzilla. When we were furiously trying to come up with names, at one point Maximus and Danny watched a recent Godzilla movie. We learned that the origin of his name in Japanese is from a producer saying one of the staff members looked like a mix between a Whale (Kujira) and a Gorilla (Gorira).

At that moment, we knew we had the perfect name. A whale for apes–based on Godzilla in the year of the dragon. The next question was how to approach the branding. We first wanted to do something cool and fierce. But Danny pointed out that everyone does this and came up with the idea of a cute logo, something “kawaii”.

After a bunch of trial and error, we finally settled on Goji. And with some help from Tieg and L, we had our lovable mascot Goji. Gojira’s design, logo, and branding all incorporate this Godzilla theme.


Built by the eponymous Mintthemoon, Ursula (Gojira’s auction engine) is a smart contract auction house that creates a new paradigm for tokenized assets. Gojira is the result of a strategic partnership between Mint and WinkHUB giving us exclusive access to Ursula’s NFT technology. Since Kujira is a semi-permissioned chain, this means that we have an impenetrable moat.

Mint has outdone himself by building a variety of exclusive features for Gojira that set it apart from any other NFT marketplace. Gojira’s underlying auction style is bot-free, higher-profit (for both creators and the platform itself), more flexible for creators, more convenient for users, etc.

Traditionally, on other chains, high load from transactions associated with NFTs due to botting and other short-term spurts of activity can lead to chain-halts or a worsened experience. Mint designed Ursula from the ground up to avoid this issue entirely by instead focusing on timed auctions that prevent any sort of frontrunning entirely and spread activity over a period rather than at a singular point in time. The result is a unique system that doesn’t slow down the chain, disincentives bots, and creates a better experience for everyone else involved.

We’ll further delve into Ursula’s features and related specifics in a follow-up article.


To showcase Gojira’s power and unique capabilities, the first NFT collection to hit the market will be something special: the Kujira Name System!

Start brainstorming now. Your opportunity to grab the perfect “.kuji” domain is close at hand. These domains can provide a readable name for your wallet address. Also, KNS supports setting real DNS records on chain which will be made available to anyone on the internet via a specialized resolver.

The possibilities are endless! Keep an eye out for the official announcement from mintthemoon with all the juicy details.

WINK Tokenomics

Our other huge change moving forward is completely revamping WINK’s tokenomics to put it on the trajectory towards being an apex crypto asset. WINK is already nearly 80.6% fully circulating with a little over 5 months of vesting remaining, but we wanted to give it some extra oomph as part of a wider rebrand along with Gojira’s launch now that juicy revenue is almost here.

WINK will simultaneously wield the hybrid flexibility and dynamicity of a meme token as well as the revenue streams and sustainable setup of an blue chip asset. WINK won’t be wildly inflationary; it won’t generate unnecessary sell pressure from each mint; we’ll be careful with any bonds used to raise funds; and we want sustainable tokenomics that incentivize people to hold, use, or stake it.

And since we’re a meme token and we want to go the extra mile, we decided that the best way to be sustainable would be to embrace being fully deflationary with a burn mechanic or two. We don’t simply plan to throw away our revenue. We plan to split between giving back to KUJI stakers, providing real yield to WINK stakers, and buying back WINK to then permanently burn it.

Revenue Share to KUJI Stakers

We want to lead by example as an application built on Kujira. We have been supportive of the team and the ecosystem since the very beginning. And we believe that the best way to create a sustainable ecosystem is to generously give back to the wider Kujira community.

That is why we plan to share 10% of all Gojira protocol revenue with KUJI stakers. This demonstrates our continued commitment to not only being Kujira’s next gen NFT platform, but also to growing the wider Kujira ecosystem with the new use cases unlocked by Gojira and Ursula.

Real Yield in KUJI and USK

As mentioned above, all mints and trading will be done in KUJI and USK. Due to Ursula’s auction based model, which we’ll cover in more detail next time–we are able to use a unique model that takes a lower commission on any funds raised by creators. And instead, we are able to take a relatively larger fee on any excess funds raised via auction. This means tons of KUJI and tons of USK straight to WINK stakers. And as long as the platform is successful, this implies a very high likelihood of being the best way to earn KUJI on Kujira.

We want to be a legitimate platform that is a real enterprise with real revenue. Grown-Up Web 3 at its finest. For that reason, 80% of our revenue will go directly to WINK stakers. As we get a bunch of use cases going with associated integrations and so on. We plan to channel even more rewards back to WINK stakers. Other than collection fees, the vast majority of all revenue will be blue chip assets.

WINK Buy Back and Burn

The remaining 10% of our revenue will be used to buy back WINK on FIN and then burn it every so often unannounced so that it can’t be front run.

To facilitate this process, we will soon be setting up a highly liquid WINK/KUJI pair to accompany our existing WINK/USK pair. This allows us to avoid selling any KUJI revenue to stables in the process of converting it to WINK.

We plan to overhaul the WINK token page on the WinkHUB site with a burn (total supply remaining) countdown and several other goodies that are still to be announced. As revenue picks up, we are excited to see the impact on our supply. We also have ideas for other burn mechanics in the works, but we won’t share anything else on this matter quite yet.

Permissioned Governance

The last masterpiece that both sets Gojira apart, but also gives WINK a very important use case is that eventually after our first projects are onboarded manually and so on, we will have permissioned governance. This means that WINK is essential to vote projects in or out of Gojira and for other aspects of WinkHUB and the wider WINK ecosystem.

Kujira itself is semi-permissioned so we got the idea of a higher quality NFT marketplace that–while it doesn’t necessarily prevent anyone or anything from launching on it–still has basic standards that the community as a whole has to decide on, to allow a project to launch on it or not. The full details of what is involved will be shared in a future update, but these can just be simple governance votes.

Regardless, our community will have the power and insight to choose projects they would want to invest in, in the first place. This is helpful both to aspiring creators that want to launch and users themselves as it gives an indication of just how popular a project actually is within the community.

What’s Next?

Now that we’ve announced the marketplace officially. It’s time for people who are interested to reach out to us. Obviously you can always dm Maximus, Danny, me, the WinkHUB account, or Kuji Kast if you’re interested in getting involved.

We already have a few projects that are interested in getting involved so please do understand if you have to wait a bit to be able to launch a collection as we plan to do one collection per week or so at first as we take off to ensure that the community has enough spending power where creators can mint out and the community has time to purchase their desired NFTs.

In the next weeks, we will release more general details and information about Gojira, WinkHUB, WINK, and our overall direction as we ramp up into a new stage of development for our project.