Building Better with Kujira and Confio


If you’re building on Kujira, please step away from the console and give us your full attention for a moment. We have exciting news about how it’s getting even better.

If you’re using Kujira, read on, your user experience will be directly impacted by this too!

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Confio Integration

We’re very proud to announce that Kujira is one of the first chains to sign up with Confio’s subscription model, which gives us unparalleled access to CosmWasm and its developers.

It’s like following a Gordon Ramsay recipe and having the man himself give you pointers (and without the insults).

CosmWasm Strengths

Everyone has heard of CosmWasm. For non-devs, every time you use a dApp built on the Kujira chain, you have benefited from this framework.

If you’re a developer, you can appreciate first hand how crucial CosmWasm is to Cosmos, and its intrinsic role in the interoperability of the entire space.

It’s no exaggeration to say Cosmos would not be what it is without this public good, and we can state without hesitation we owe the Confio developers a huge debt of gratitude.

CosmWasm helps so many and continues to be a powerful resource available to everyone. So when Confio instigated a subscription model offering additional access and benefits for all developers building on member chains, we immediately signed up.

Supportive Partnership

It’s a great thing to support Confio, but it also means we give all Kujira developers better tools to build with, which means a better experience for our users. It’s win-win-win and we love to see it.

Kujira gets dedicated support from CosmWasm experts, influence on roadmap decisions and DevX improvements. 

Kujira developers have access to the newest CosmWasm tooling built by Confio and a direct line of communication through our dev team.

Confio will market the involvement of Kujira as a subscriber, which exposes our chain to a wider audience. And this is just to start, with more benefits added as the subscription program matures.

More details can be found on the Confio blog here

Benefits to Everyone

This is significantly positive for everyone involved, particularly the broader Cosmos system which continues benefitting from the public goods delivered.

Focusing on Kujira, we have input and support at the source, and most importantly our builders gain another asset to help make amazing protocols for their users. Confio knows their success is built on the achievements of chains and developers using CosmWasm. They have committed to go above and beyond helping developers ship the best applications possible. It’s a great example of the right solution resulting in a win for everyone, and we’re excited and proud to be at the forefront of this next chapter.

To learn more about building on Kujira please join our developer channel on Discord, where you’ll find a host of helpful members and plenty of resources, or visit our site for more info.