Aqualibre’s Journey Q1 2024


With our raise on PILOT complete, we are now keenly fixated on our future plans.

We would love to take the opportunity to announce our exciting Q1 roadmap.

There is a lot for our community to look forward to over the next few months, so let’s get into it!

Table of Contents

Seed further $100k+ in GHOST

At Aqualibre, emulating the Kujira’s ethos, we prefer to under promise and over deliver. So keep in mind that this is a conservative estimate. By providing native USDC in GHOST, the interest accrued (~10-30%) can be rewarded to AQLA stakers whilst supporting the Kujira ecosystem too.

Continue Web2 investor onboarding

Interest from Web2 investors continues to grow, and thanks to Noble and Sonar facilitating convenient transfers via their Cross-chain Transfer Protocol, onboarding them to the Kujira ecosystem has never been easier.

Unveil MVP of Digital Carbon Platform

Our developer team have been incredibly busy the last few months creating our platform, and we will be releasing some teasers soon to show you what they have produced. On-chain carbon credits will be bought, sold, and redeemed here, with a 2.5% fee in native USDC rewarded to AQLA stakers.

Close major Carbon offset and futures deals

Unfortunately, we can’t share too much information before closing the deals, but these are very large sum transactions that have undergone months of due diligence from both parties in preparation for this day!

Aqualibre will take a commission on these deals and will use this to reward AQLA stakers.

Furthermore, we will also use related profits to acquire our own carbon capture methodologies, which will convert us from a commission-based business to 100% asset owners.

Add another Smart Contract Developer

As the Web3 component of Aqualibre grows over time, we will need to grow our development team to move quickly and flexibly, without reliance on the Kujira team.

Send Kujira Reps to Aqualibre Projects

We would like to demonstrate to the Kujira community how our work impacts local communities and give everyone an exclusive look behind the scenes.

By being public and transparent about our developments, we include our investors and community members in every step of our journey, from carbon credit production to redemption!

Staking for AQLA

Once there has been enough interest accrued in GHOST and we have closed our first carbon credit deal, we will be rewarding AQLA stakers. We must undergo the governance process that adds the AQLA token to the alliance module before executing this.

As you can see, we have a busy few months ahead of us and we truly are at the start line now. It’s all hands on deck on our side, but we wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for your support over the last few weeks.

We have seen our community slowly grow, and we are very excited to provide value – especially to our early adopters. Here’s to a big 2024!