$YUM Token Utility


$YUM stakers will share 100% of the revenue generated by Cacao Swap. This will unite $YUM holders under a single, cross-chain banner: “Make Cacao Swap great, and we all share in the banquet”.

CacaoSwap embracing the #accelerate movement

Cacao Swap is the fastest mover in the Maya Interface Wars. In 88 days, it has facilitated over $4 million in volume, topped the swap count charts, and become competitive in swap fee accrual despite having the lowest fees in the market (0.44% per swap).


Considering that this was 100% bootstrapped by a group of dedicated contributors, with a ferocious win-or-die attitude to ship until Cacao Swap is doing over $100M a month, it is safe to say that Cacao Swap is poised to top these and other charts in the future. 

$YUM Staking: Sharing in the banquet

Staking $YUM on Cacao Swap means you are officially embarking on a journey to shape the best front-end for decentralised rails and, of course, reap the rewards.

Revenue Sharing; the $vYUM token

Stake $YUM tokens on Arbitrum network to receive $vYUM tokens, a composable and liquid representation of your yield-earning staked $YUM position similar to how Kujira’s Ghost returns liquid x tokens that represent your underlying stake.

The ratio of $vYUM : $YUM in the staking pool starts off as a 1 : 1 ratio. Because staking rewards are added into the pool, this ratio will always remain above a 1 : 1 ratio and the value of $vYUM will always increase relative to $YUM.

vYUM Staking also features automatic compounding — your staking position will receive daily rewards and auto-compound without any user action. You won’t need to repeatedly claim and re-deposit, saving you gas and helping you to earn more rewards.

$YUM stakers will share 100% of the revenue generated by Cacao Swap affiliate fees. Even in its v1.0, Cacao Swap has accrued $18,218 in its first 88 days (correct as of 6th of June, 2024). Additionally, the DAO can vote to distribute additional inflationary rewards if there is community consensus.

Cacao Swap is a brand-new product known among a niche crowd. We expect it to grow significantly as the token is distributed and new features are implemented that will enable it to scale and capture significantly higher volumes without raising fees.

Please note: Staking will go live after TGE.


Being a cross-chain dApp, governance rights will be split across 2 DAO platforms and chains to manage the treasuries of assets on different chains.

On Kujira, axlYUM will be used to vote on the DAO DAO platform. On Arbitrum, https://snapshot.org/#/ will be used to manage voting.

As part of the DAO, you will have governance rights on Cacao Swap’s direction and how its tasty treasury is used. In return, you will share the bounties earned along the way upon reward distribution, just like sharing a banquet with your family and friends.

Excited yet?

Too many projects release their tokens based entirely on marketing and promises.

At Cacao Swap, we DDD: Deliver first, then Distribute, and finally Decentralise, sharing the riches with all.

PS. All the tokens will be fully vested before the vesting even begins for the Team allocation; That’s because the core contributors are bullish on the future of Cacao Swap. See details here.