Reintroducing Entropic Labs

  • by Amit
  • Apr 15, 2024
  • 2 min read

Today, we announce a new chapter in the story of Entropic Labs. Founded in 2022, the Entropic journey began with the launch of Entropy Beacon on two chains, including the Kujira blockchain. Later, in 2023, we unveiled the Quark Protocol — the most composable liquid staking protocol designed to harness the power of the Kujira ecosystem and bring “programmable yield” to reality.

After having lived and breathed the Kujira ecosystem for over a year and a half, our enthusiasm and optimism have only intensified. We are excited to announce a pivotal shift in the scope and focus of Entropic Labs: A fully-fledged Research and Development powerhouse, engaging in a variety of high caliber projects. This goal strengthens our commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality products and technology.

Our team has made significant contributions to cornerstone projects like Kujira GHOST,, and MantaDAO, showcasing our expertise. As we enter this new phase, we are eager to continue on this path, working closely with various Kujira projects where our knowledge and skills can have a meaningful impact.

Currently, Entropic Labs is actively engaged in several exciting projects, ranging from ideation to prototypes to ongoing enhancements. Each project is poised to significantly impact the Kujira ecosystem and beyond, deserving its spotlight in due time. We look forward to sharing more about these projects as they develop.

If you’re involved in projects that are seeking advice or help building on Kujira, please reach out to us at Likewise, if you’re a Cosmos Developer excited about shaping the future of blockchain technology, we would love to have you join our team. Contact us at

Together, let’s democratize the future of finance.