Pilot Upgrades – Project Keiko is Live!


Pilot is a fantastic product, and we won’t stop shipping updates until it’s the most popular way to launch a token in the Cosmos. The latest additions make it incredibly easy to launch. Between Ignition, Pilot and Bonds, we’re providing builders with tools to raise no matter what stage of development their project is at. 

Bringing the focus back to Pilot’s new features: a sale is only one phase of launching and the upgrades go much further than that, from minting a token all the way to initiating a trading pair. You can now do all of it in minutes.

Here’s what you can look forward to:


Anyone can create a Pilot sale through our convenient UI. Set out all the sale parameters yourself with guidance from us available throughout the process, if you need.

Mint a Token

Pilot will mint your token on your behalf. If you have already minted, that’s fine too. Pilot works seamlessly with existing tokens, whether native to Kujira or bridged.


Lay out the tokenomics as part of your launch process. Allocate percentages of supply, set vesting schedules, and everything unfolds automatically after your sale finishes.

Listing on FIN

Once a sale concludes, your token and your purchase denom will be added to FIN as a pair, ready to begin trading.

Seed Liquidity on BOW

Designate a percentage of the raise to BOW liquidity provision, ensuring instant liquidity to your trading pair. LP tokens are distributed to the launcher via Flows to ensure liquidity for trading cannot be immediately withdrawn.

The first project to use the upgrades was Nami Protocol, and we are grateful for the team’s input, enthusiasm and co-operation. You guys were amazing!

This is a huge leap forward for Pilot, and we’ll continually add features and functionality until it’s the best launchpad you’ve ever used. For more information on Pilot, including how to bid and how to create a sale, please visit our Doc Hub. Pilot is a self-service platform, but if you’d like a little assistance or have questions, get in touch and we’ll help wherever we can.