Optimizing Portfolio Liquidity with NAMI Protocol on Kujira


TLDR: Forget the FOMO of sidelined funds; your liquidity is about to become significantly more productive.

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In the world of investing, cash is often considered king — yet it need not sit idle. With NAMI, your stablecoins are more than just placeholders for the next big opportunity; they’re actively earning. On Kujira, liquidity doesn’t just sit tight — it grows. Forget the FOMO of sidelined funds; your liquidity is about to become significantly more productive.

The Need for Liquidity

The crypto world moves fast, and having immediate access to your funds can be crucial. Holding a part of your portfolio in cash or stablecoins is essential to seize market dips and surprise chances. With NAMI, idle waiting is a thing of the past— your money is constantly at work, accruing interest that far surpasses what traditional banks offer.

Ease and Efficiency

NAMI harnesses Kujira’s ecosystem to effortlessly generate yield on your stablecoins. It takes the legwork out of earning by automatically allocating your assets where they’ll yield the most—without requiring constant oversight from you. This synergy of high yields and maintained liquidity is invaluable in the crypto market.

The Market Waits for No One

Crypto is synonymous with volatility, but NAMI equips you to handle it with assurance. It’s about establishing a solid investment strategy that doesn’t compromise on earning potential or market readiness. NAMI strikes this balance, ensuring your funds are not only ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice but are also growing in the interim.

What’s Coming Up for NAMI

Keep an eye out for these milestones:

  • Landing page & UI reveal: December 17th, offering a glimpse of the future.
  • MVP release: Slated for Q1 2024, set to revolutionize your investment strategy.


NAMI is not only a tool for non-crypto folks. For us degens, it is set to change the way we think about your portfolio allocation, marrying accessibility with performance. It’s an exciting time for Kujira and an even more exciting time for those ready to optimize their portfolio with NAMI.

Stay on the pulse by following us on Twitter and visiting namifi.app. Engage with our community on Discord when it launches in December. Be informed, be ready, and let’s thrive together with NAMI.