Wen Marketing? – Weekly Recap 13.11


What an incredible week it’s been… $KUJI has experienced phenomenal demand
and received some of the marketing spotlight it deserves.

But let’s pause for a moment. Are you prepared for what’s unfolding behind the
scenes? Can you even fathom the innovations being crafted in the shadows? For
today let’s shed some light on NAMI Protocol’s last week:

Living off Yields with @NAMIProtocol? Let’s dive into the current yearly interest
rates (APY) for stablecoins on TeamKujira:

  • GHOST:
    • USK: 10.52% – UP 3.5% week over week
    • axlUSDC: 8.28% – UP 17.6%
    • USDC: 4.92% – UP 32.9%
  • BOW (trading only):
    • axlUSDC/USK: Trading APR unavailable today
    • USDC/USK: Trading APR unavailable today
    • USDC/axlUSDC: 1194% !? (APY compounded every block) – a stunning newcomer

Can you imagine the potential of YOUR liquidity?

Go Big or Go Home: $KUJI’s TVL hit an astounding $100M. Ghost is a major player
here, contributing about $49.2M. Remember, NAMI aims to bring 10% of Ghost’s
TVL in fresh stablecoins consistently. More Info

No Sell Pressure: The vesting period concluded on 09.11.2023. Kujira is positioned
to be THE protocol to exist in 20 years. Official Statement

Let’s play a marketing game: We’re thrilled to be among the first featured on
WinkHUB. From now on, all major announcements will be there, enhancing
SEO and ensuring long-term visibility for our project
. Check it Out

Spotlight Moment: Our founder jp.kuji will be speaking at THE KujiraAcademy
event. Discover more about his personal journey and the inspiration behind NAMI.
Event Details

Fireside Chat with Dove: Why KUJIRA has become a force to reckon with. Read

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