NAMI Protocol – Weekly Development Update #7


Welcome back to another update from NAMI Protocol. A packed week full of smart contracts, indexers and marketing.

Team Updates

Alkis’ Recovery

Unfortunately, our co-founder Alkis is still recovering at home after his hospital stay, and he has got COVID, which has delayed his return to work. I’m hopeful he’ll be back with us soon, but in the meantime, I’m pushing forward as best as I can.

Development Highlights

Smart Contract and Algorithm Progress

Our smart contract is currently under review, and we expect initial feedback early next week. Once Alkis returns and has a week to finalize the algorithm, we can launch the contract on mainnet. Then we’ll have a period of testing with our own funds.

New Indexer Feature

I’ve finished a new feature in our indexers to record smart contract queries, enabling us to gather data like redemption rates on a per block basis. This will help us provide detailed statistics. I plan to open-source this feature soon to help others in the community build dApps on Kujira.

Community Engagement


Zurich Meetup: We had a great time at our Zurich meetup, enjoying in-depth discussions on crypto theories and new projects. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Upcoming Meetups:

Athens: Scheduled for June 29th. Hopefully, Alkis can join; if not, I’ll be there alone. Sign-Up here!

Lisbon: Planned for mid July, with more details coming soon. Watch out for updates from Kujira Academy also:

Netherlands: Tentatively planned for late August or September.

Lisbon Event Preparation

This week, I focused on preparing for the Lisbon event, including graphic design and ordering materials to ensure a productive and engaging meetup. We’ll have giveaways, stickers, and strategies to gather valuable feedback to improve our product.

Future Plans

Smart Contract Adapter for Interoperability

We’re planning to develop a smart contract adapter to enable interaction with our protocol via FIN. This will allow products like MantaSwap and CALC to integrate with NAMI, enabling advanced strategies and interoperability within the ecosystem.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for joining us for this update. We appreciate your continued support and patience as we work towards our mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more updates, and we hope to see you at our upcoming meetups!

Best regards,

JP from NAMI

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