How to Organise and Run Succesful Web3 Events


Step into the dynamic world of Web3 events with this episode in Kujira Academy’s specialized lecture series. Presented by Amanda, this comprehensive lesson offers a deep dive into the nuances of event creation, marketing, and management in the Web3 space. Discover how to create memorable events that connect, engage, and provide value to your community.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • The art of building lasting relationships through events that stick in the memory of attendees.
  • The importance of personal touches and actionable calls to action in event hosting.
  • The benefits and objectives of Web3 events, including the importance of defining clear goals.
  • Strategies for audience engagement and creating an impact that resonates.
  • Innovative marketing techniques and venue selection that amplify your event’s reach.
  • Prioritizing key metrics for success to curate experiences that align with your vision and goals.

Join Amanda Keay, a seasoned Web3 Event Coordinator, as she guides you through each crucial step, from the planning stages to post-event analysis. Perfect for both novices and experienced organizers, this lecture is designed to equip you with the skills to successfully coordinate events that foster the growth of the Kujira community and beyond.