Some Alpha and More – Weekly Recap 27.11.23


While the nutsack continues to grow, you can still earn 69 % yield on your stables! Another Monday, another chance for you to stay up to date with the NAMI developments.

Stick around till the end for some intriguing alpha insights! 😉

NAMI Protocol weekly recap cover picture, overview about yields

Here we go with this week’s APY for stablecoins on TeamKujira:


  1. USK: 10.98 % – UP 2 % from last week
  2. axlUSDC: 8.69 % – Steady, no change
  3. USDC: 5.75 % – UP 12%

BOW (trading only):

  1. axlUSDC/USK: 69% – holding steady
  2. USDC/USK: 35.2 % – DOWN 25.5 %
  3. axlUSDC/USDC: 57.2 % – DOWN 80%

Despite the gradual normalization, we’re thrilled to see consistent demand for stablecoins. It’s great to observe these rates settling into more sustainable, long-term figures.

We’re getting famous!

It has happened. We got our own cozy little space on the Kujira Ecosystem page. Whenever you need to explain our vision to somebody, just show this site.

The UI is ready for spotlight

Our graphics intern took the time to give the rough sketches the final touches. And god damn, this is so sexy! Stay tuned to see more on 17.12.2023.

Regulation, Geoblocking and token launches?

Big steps ahead: we’re meeting with a top international lawyer this week to navigate the complexities of regulation. It’s very important for us to do everything the right way so that WE as a protocol and YOU as users (& investors? 😉) stay safe. We’re building this with a long-term vision in mind.

A new era dawns.

The bridge between Solana and Kujira is live and working. New users, new capital and a lot more fun. Find out more! 

TeamWinkHub exclusives:

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