Who doesn’t love the sound of a 69% yield?! – Weekly Recap 20.11.23


Which is more enticing, a nutsack or 69% stablecoin yield?

Let’s check out this week’s APY for stablecoins on Kujira:


  1. USK: 10.77% – UP 2.3% from last week
  2. axlUSDC: 8.69% – UP 5%
  3. USDC: 5.13% – UP 4.3%

BOW (trading only):

  1. axlUSDC/USK: 69% – new data!
  2. USDC/USK: 47.24% – new data!
  3. axlUSDC/USDC: 268% – DOWN 77.5% (heading towards sustainable numbers)

The demand for stables on Kujira is undeniable. By making it more accessible, we’re setting $KUJI up for rapid growth.

Your favorite neo bank will soon look really old!

Our UI/UX concept is finished and off a professional hand. It’ll get some final touches so we’re soon able to show you what we’re cooking. Stay tuned!

Imagine: Plucky Penguins, Kujira, Nami, & a festive London

All with free food & drinks! It’s not a fairy tale; it’s happening on 15.12.23. Message KPeruggi on Twitter to join the fun.

On the smart contract front, we’re zooming ahead faster than anticipated. Keeping our promise for an MVP launch in Q1 2024!

What a brilliant trick.

Behind Unstake.fi is Team Kujira itself. By jumping into the shoes of us other founders, they were able to get a feel for how it is to develop something new on Kujira.

A smart and strategic move to make sure, to attract as much teams as possible. Kudos.

Next week’s treats?

Two fresh articles, right here on WinkHub:

  • A simple guide to stable BOW pools.
  • Spotlight on a new target group.

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