Weekly Roundup by Team Kujira: Ep.20


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Gm Kujirans! The new year is well underway, so I have a question for you — have you stuck to your New Year’s resolutions anon?

I (KP) am writing this on a surprisingly pleasant Sunday winter morning in London, deliberately before the North London Derby (Arsenal vs Tottenham rivalry) so I can avoid talking about the result. I must admit, I don’t have any nails left to bite for this one…

Moving swiftly on, I have quite a few updates to bring you this week regarding dApps launched/launching on Kujira, so strap in and let’s get into this. As always, these articles summarize all Kujira-related news over the last 7 days, keeping you up-to-date and informed.

[EDIT: 2–0, never had any doubts — 100% confident Arsenal would win that, sym]

Fuzion’s Plasma OTC Smart Contract Instantiation

It’s been a busy week for the team formerly known as Atlo. They announced their rebrand as Fuzion and put up a proposal for their first product, an OTC platform called Plasma. The proposal has since passed and they will be thoroughly testing it in closed beta before announcing it’s ready for public use. Be sure to follow them on Twitter for more updates on how you can participate yourself.

Kujira Growth Alliance

In an effort to foster collaboration and partnerships within Cosmos, our BD has set up the “Kujira Growth Alliance”. This will involve a marketing and business development weekly workshop and think tank for the Cosmos ecosystem. Both participants and guest speakers/contributors are invited to help drive the growth of Cosmos and beyond, so be sure to sign up here.

Personally, I have learned so much from surrounding myself with the people that will be leading these workshops, and I cannot recommend this enough. This is a great opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in this industry.

LUNA as Collateral for USK

This one made me shed a tear… Let the old times roll back — ORCA is back in business to liquidate LUNA and LUNAtics are degening their internet coins again. At the time of writing, $50k USK has been minted as a result, nearly surpassing wBNB already. Some of you will have LUNA slowly investing over the next year or so, what better place to park it than minting USK and then providing this on BOW for some tasty APRs?

[UPDATE — Holy sh*t who was that? Some chad has just minted an extra $100k USK so those numbers got pumped HARD!]

My personal highlight is the return of LUNA on ORCA. Although this brings back some flashbacks, in my opinion LUNA is a completely different coin without UST and the risks are reduced significantly because of this. However, we understand that some parts of the community are still wary, therefore we have limited the mint capacity to $300k for the time being to slowly introduce it as collateral.

LOCAL Token Migration

LOCAL is here to stay! After listing the $LOCAL token on FIN, and creating a LOCAL-USK LP on BOW with incentives provided by the team, the path to launch has been set. Over the last few weeks you may have noticed whLOCAL accruing as staking rewards in your wallet. This can be converted to native LOCAL by clicking ( Site no longer live) here and scrolling *to the bottom of the page*.

We’re over the moon to have the Local boys complete their migration to Kujira, and look forward to the full launch of their p2p services.

CALC Instantiates LOCAL Vaults + More!

Continuing the LOCAL good news, CALC have deployed a LOCAL-USK DCA vault to allow you to buy/sell LOCAL gradually everyday. But that’s not all the CALC boys have been cooking! Two other vaults have been deployed too:

  • LUNA — USK

Be sure to check out the vaults yourself here. However, a little birdy told me that DCA really is just the beginning for CALC, and they have been busy building products that will blow this out the park…

Logical Graphs: Strategies to Profit on FIN

The Luna Arbitrage

The man is a genius on the keys, but man do I struggle to understand what is being said on Twitter. Let me do my best to simplify things for you!

So, how’s it done? First, we take advantage of the difference in price between ampLUNA on FIN, and LUNA on Terra DEXs (Astroport or Terraswap). Let’s say ampLUNA is trading at $2.26 on FIN, and the price of LUNA on Astroswap is $2.34.

  1. Buy ampLUNA on FIN
  2. Bridge ampLUNA to Terra
  3. Trade ampLUNA to LUNA on Astroport
  4. Bridge LUNA back to Kujira
  5. Sell LUNA on Kujira to lock in the arb by profiting from the difference in price between ampLUNA and LUNA.

However, instead of selling the LUNA to lock in the arb, you can also deposit it as collateral to mint USK and continue the cycle this way. Neat right?

Many thanks to Logical Graphs again, the guy is the goat and we’re very lucky to have him educating peeps on how to profit from FIN’s orderbooks. Logendary.

Governance Props Galore + The Senate Voting

If you’re in the SeaShanty telegram group that notifies you when governance proposals are listed, your phone has been non-stop buzzing for the past week. Due to this, we have decided to postpone voting for The Senate until tomorrow (17th Jan) so that the community can vote on the pending proposals before moving on to The Senate. Navigate to our governance tab on BLUE to make your voice heard!

Kuji Kast Corner

From the studio that brought you Titanic and Macbeth, here’s a word from Danny:

Hey gang.

I have a riddle for you. See if you can solve it and there’s a lesson at the end too.

A man is walking in the Serengeti. Suddenly he is surrounded by 4 lions! But they do not attack him? Why do they not attack him?

Answer — I lied about the lions. They don’t exist. See you shouldn’t believe everything you read. You should trust no one. And if you don’t know what to trust ask me and I’ll tell you.

Right. Business time. I keep seeing people talk about 5-year plans.

I’ve never had one. So I made one. Here it is –

Year 1–4: Make Kujira and Kuji Kast a huge success

Year 5: Be Batman

Do I mean in a film? Or in real life? You’ll see.

Excellent. Also please check out the Kuji Story episode we put out today… it’s an interesting one…

Thanks for being you. You’re my starfish.

Thank you, Danny. The boys from KujiKast also dropped a video with Mark from DLoyal that you can watch here. But let’s get an update from DLoyal:

Dloyal 2nd Milestone Funding, “What is Dloyal?”

DLoyal recently received their second round of funding, getting them one step closer to launching their product on Kujira. But what is DLoyal? Check this Twitter thread out which directs you to their website to find out more.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s episode marks 20 (TWENTY!) weeks of the Weekly Roundup, and I want to thank everyone personally for your support. My exams are almost over, so I’ll have the time to really dedicate to elevating the quality of this series, including more contributions from the community itself. On that note, please don’t be afraid to dm me on Twitter to speak about how you can participate yourself! Take care everyone, and make sure you vote on The Senate governance proposals! Ciao.