Kujira’s New Roadmap and What It Means For You


The Kujira team just released an updated roadmap. We walk through it in detail and I share why I think the future for Kujira is brighter than ever.

We Cover:

  • Kujira Core Team Improvements such as Revenue Convertor and Oracle speed upgrade
  • Improvements for developers like Pond and Kujira Ex
  • New Core Team features such as Oracle Orders, Seedless Wallets and KYC-less deposits
  • New ecosystem products such as Gojira, Kujira Name System, Nami Protocol and Self repaying loans
  • New ecosystem features such as Manta multi-route swaps, Quark and Eris interchain asset support and Wink Staking
  • Upcoming $YUM and $ERIS airdrops
  • Upcoming Pilot launches for $NAMI and $YUM