Cacaoswap: The easiest way to swap BTC and ETH to KUJI


Cacaoswap is fully decentralized non-custodial swaps between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Kujira and more. With an easy to use basic swap, pro trader tools and even a meme mode, there’s something for everyone.

We talk with Cedrick who heads up tokenomics and partnerships for Cacaoswap and Aalux, founder of Maya Protocol about Cacaoswap.

In this video we cover:

  • The details of Cacaoswap
  • How to use Cacaoswap to swap Bitcoin to KUJI
  • An overview of Maya Protocol and how it is used by Cacaoswap
  • New coins coming to Maya Protocol
  • Integration between Maya Protocol and Thorchain
  • YUM tokenomics and airdrops